eXcelisys Congratulates MosquitoMate for EPA Approval!

Government Approves Bio-Engineered Mosquitoes to Combat Disease Roses are red. Violets are blue. Mosquitoes suck blood, From me and from you. There’s a groovy new way to bid them adieu. eXcelisys would like to offer a huge “Hip, Hip, Hurrah!” to our client MosquitoMate for passing the EPA hurdle of approval. A few days ago, the

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FileMaker Pro Coaching / Consulting … Because 2 Heads Are Better Than 1

FileMaker Pro Coaching / Consulting … Because 2 Heads Are Better Than 1 Citizen developers and seasoned developers alike can benefit from a little technical & tactical FileMaker Pro advice to keep them moving in the right direction Coaching. We all know what that is. Flip on a college or pro football game any weekend and

Oyster Farm Nets Hefty Harvest by Linking FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks

FMP/QB Integration Spawns a Sea of Change for Efficiency  Located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Hama Hama is a fifth-generation timber and oyster farm (photo courtesy of Hama Hama).   Just as the soils of Napa Valley bestow the ideal wine-making grapes, the waters of Washington’s glacier-carved Hood Canal are idyllic for oyster farming. Here, the Hama Hama

Custom FileMaker Pro App Pedals Bike Tour Company on a New Journey

Custom FileMaker Pro App Pedals Bike Tour Company on a New Journey Tour-Tracker takes the hammering out of managing two-wheeled travelers to a more coasting eXperience! Dedicated to helping women grow into intrepid bike travelers, WomanTours has been spreading the joys of two-wheeled travel since 1994. The women-only bike tour company offers more than 50 cycling trips

FileMaker Go iPad App: A Notion for Motion Devotion

[retinaicon icon="beaker" size="small, medium, large" circle="true or false" color="#999999" background="#efefef" align="center"] Custom FileMaker Go iPad App Helps FMS Health & Safety Identify Dysfunctional Movement to Reduce Injuries and Workers’ Compensation Costs Mike Contreras would like to teach the world to move. Fluidly. Adeptly. With no hitches. No pain. “Our research — and the research out there — shows that if

Happy Camping at Riverview with FileMaker Pro Custom App

FileMaker Pro Custom App with Interactive Maps & Scheduling Grids Turn Campground & Canoe Management into a Leisure Activity Located on the Rifle River in Sterling, Michigan, River View Campground & Canoe Livery hosts some 2,000 guests each weekend. Paper-process overload is one of the top reasons organizations turn to a FileMaker Pro Custom App. In the mid-2000s, River

Got Rentals? Get Our Rental-Tracking eX-File!

Finally, the Ultimate Rental-Tracking Software Solution for the Equipment Rental Industry! Pre-made? Custom? Or SaaS? It’s a never-ending battle of pros and cons when trying to find rental-tracking apps that will make your rental business run smoother while giving you the best bang for the buck. Pre-made? Tempting. It costs less up front but choosing this

Cinema Camera Reboots With FileMaker Pro Rental Tracking App

New Camera Rental Tracking App Trims Paperwork “Production” Time & Turns Daily Tasks into One-Click Acts In the hot movie-making hub of Hollywood, Cinema Camera Rentals faces stiff competition in providing customers with the latest and greatest technology has to offer. With a need to streamline its equipment rental pipeline, Cinema Camera Rentals recently contracted with eXcelisys for a new

Camera Rental Company Zooms In On Inventory Control Using FileMaker Pro

Blockbuster Rental-Tracking Inventory App Sharpens Booking Process, Cuts Equipment Retrieval and Check-in Times During Hollywood’s rapid fade-out of 35-millimeter film, camera operator Neal Norton saw an opportunity to make money in the digital retooling of the industry. The year was 2010 and the German-made Arri ALEXA had just hit the market, providing a viable digital alternative to

Geologist Fuels Consulting Biz by Drilling Deeper Into FileMaker Web Technology

FileMaker® Pro / WebDirect: FileMaker Web Subscription Service Keeps Oil Field and Reservoir Data Flowing to Prospectors 24/7 Just because your business involves fossil fuels, the technology you rely on doesn't need to be a fossil too. A new FileMaker web solution brings new technology to finding an old resource.  In the United States, the average person consumes

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