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Privacy Policy

We will never give or sell your email address or contact information to anybody, for any reason. There are no eXceptions. We do not make our customer list available to anyone outside of eXcelisys at all, ever.

There is no way that submitting your information to eXcelisys will result in you receiving “spam” or other junk mail from eXcelisys if you have requested us not to do so.

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eXcelisys does maintain a mailing list and does send “some” unsolicited email to our customers, but all such emails clearly identify themselves as such and can easily be unsubscribed from.

If you feel you are getting ANY “spam” from eXcelisys, PLEASE contact us using our toll–free number 1–866–592–9235 and let us know, we will take care of it so that you no longer receive e–mails from our servers within our control.