How We Work – Our Development Process

Listen • Advise • Plan • Develop • Test • Deploy • Support

We are committed to making your software requirements a reality, and providing our services beyond your eXpectations.

Most Important – The Relationship (aaaww)

We Need You • You Need Us • Together We Succeed

Team Effort

eXcelisys is a team of dedicated software professionals who take pride in—and share an unbridled passion for—solving software problems our clients face. We thoroughly enjoy taking care of people, businesses, and organizations all over the globe, no matter the size and scope of the project or business.

Software development strategies require a partnership. You bring the knowledge of your business, your workflow and your needs. We bring the technical knowledge, software eXpertise, and a variety of perfected business and website design processes.

Without each other, it won’t be successful. (bummer)

Phase 1 – Initial Consultation (No Charge, Yeah!)

Big Picture • Identify Pain Points • Rough Estimates • Timelines

During the “sales” process… we ask you big-picture questions about your project – functionality, features, user demands, security requirements, goals, what’s broken, and your eXpectations – then suggest ideas, estimated budgets, and timelines based on similar projects we have accomplished.

Once hired, we’ll get your project into our production queue and assigned to one of our Project Managers, who are also partners/owners. The PM will oversee and drive your project to successful completion and make sure you are satisfied with our services during our engagement.


Questions answered, remedies offered, all with objective counsel.

Phase 2 – The Blueprint

Hire • Discovery • Assessment • Refined Estimates & Timelines

Rocket Blueprint

This phase is to ascertain a better understanding of your project objectives & goals.

Your eXcelisys Project Manager (PM) and your Lead Developer(s) will become your trusted advisors and closest allies. Feel free to describe everything from the minor details to the big-dream ideas!

During this collaboration we will advise you on any improvements to processes that may benefit your organization.

All phases are handled via teleconferences, onsite visits if needed, and our online project management system (which clients rave about) for your questions, suggestions, feedback, and files to be shared between our teams.

This phase will result in one of the following deliverables, if required:

  • Agile Design Assessment (Summary, quick and dirty) – generally for support, maintenance, and small consulting projects.
  • Agile Design Specification (Summary with more detail) – medium custom solutions, eXtending current solution, integrations.
  • Agile Project Proposal (very detailed scope) – usually large complex software development projects with integration, or multi-site design.

This “blueprint” of your software project plan outlines workflow processes, revised deliverable timelines, wireframes, reporting requirements, and an estimate of hours and time-frame for development, testing, refinement, and deployment.

Vital that communication & ideas flow in both directions.

Phase 3 – Agile Development

Build • Deliver • Test • Feedback • Revise • Repeat

We practice agile development processes that encourages client collaboration and allows response to change. This doesn’t mean we won’t follow the software development strategy we establish from the beginning; it does mean we can adjust accordingly if better ideas or options appear mid-stream. You control how fast or slow the project comes to fruition (or not), and the direction it takes during the course of development.

As part of our database development process, we deliver “works-in-progress” for you to tinker with. Included is a brief overview of what’s been accomplished, questions and action items from our end so we can get feedback from yours, and an eXpectation in the next build. Initially it won’t be pretty, but don’t you worry it will eventually emerge as a beautiful butterfly (wha?). In short, as your consultant, we advise functionality and your processes first and foremost in mind over flash.

Hard Work

Building, revealing, and revising is repeated until project completion.

Phase 4 – Deployment

Install • User Testing • Tweak • Support • Success

Light Switch

The Go-Live – turning it on for everyone to hammer away at your solution is the final phase, well sorta. This is where we get the real-world feedback from your end-users. Inevitably there will need to be some polishing and fine-tuning of the solution.

Once the tests and tweaking have gone through their rounds, your biz-life will start to coast (we’re hoping). You’ll think of new things to add; reports, whiz-bang features, and functionality that you will want us to make happen.

And par for the course are the gremlins that will reel their heads, and we will be there for you to fight off those ghosts in the machine.

Cool Factor – You retain all rights and ownership of what we build.

How Everyone’s Time is Used… Wisely!

Frugally • Efficiently • Smartly • Effectively

eXcelisys Time

Phase 2: 50% of our time will be spent on meetings and communication, roughly 25% on design and documentation, and 25% on development.

Phase 3: 70% of our time will be allotted for code development, 15% for meetings and communications, and 15% for design and documentation.

Phase 4: 50% of our time will be allotted for code development, 35% for meetings and communications, and 15% for design and documentation.

These percentages are rough estimates and will fluctuate depending on your project’s unique requirements.

eXcelisys Time

Consistently sharing progress, communicating with candor and specificity, and taking co-ownership in the project, we will be able to reach the best solution for you and your business – together – in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Keep in Mind – sometimes there is more than what meets the eye on a custom project, or fix-tweak-repair project. Our eXperience has been we often discover new challenges and solve unforeseen problems along the way that could not have been anticipated. What may appear at first glance to be something minor, can end up being a significant hurdle on the way to the best solution. However, many times those issues lead us to a place that might not have been originally conceived of, and end up being a better solution for the long-term.

As such, the eXercise is invaluable to the creative process of providing you with the best solution for your needs.

How We Charge for Our Services

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