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Our primary focus is to listen, we listen to your technology needs and dreams and suggest some solutions. We educate you about what the eXcelisys development team can accomplish (most everything, eXcept for brain surgery [our guys could, but that would just be bragging]…and tightrope walking…and other similar weird feats), about your options (do you need a side order of Web applications with that?), and about the process. We estimate timelines and costs (we know, it’s eXciting), and consider what can and cannot, should and should not, be done on your behalf.

Rick – VP

Solutions Services Consultant

[email protected]
1-866-592-9235 ext 802
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Solutions Services Consultant

[email protected]
1-866-592-9235 ext 804
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Solutions Services Consultant

[email protected]
1-866-592-9235 ext 805

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Customer Solution Management

Our responsibility is to make sure you are satisfied with the progress and deliverables of the development team. We set goals, refine your solution ideas, solidify communications, and keep things on track. In other words, we crack the whip on your behalf. But sometimes we have to serve as Debbie Downer and deliver honest counsel that you need–but might not want–to hear. As a result, we are sometimes unpopular. But we’d rather be unpopular than deliver sub–par results.


Founder / President

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Kurt – VP

Production / Project Manager

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Doug – VP

Products / Project Manager

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Application Developers – Solution Fulfillment

While we are taking breaks from brain surgery duties and tightrope walking, we are the ones cranking out your solution and making those fixes. We are dream weavers and granters of wishes; your solution’s destiny is literally at our fingertips. But we don’t abuse this magnificent power. Instead we create, or fix, software solutions you can sink your teeth into, like fat software hamburgers; eXcept our solutions aren’t greasy. They run smoothly, flawlessly, and eXceed your eXpectations.


Sr. FileMaker Developer

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FileMaker Developer

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FileMaker / Web Developer

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Filemaker Developer

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Web App Developer

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Leif Headshot


Full Stack Developer

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WordPress Guru

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Copywriter / Marketing

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