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"Peace of Mind that my site is tailored to expanding my business!"

A few months ago, I decided to start a new business and a website is essential in today’s business world, so I went on Forbes Top Ten and chose Bluehost as my designer with web.com as the host.

The design they created was OK but bare bones, the first week my site was probably down 50% of the time. None of the changes I asked support to do were done even though I had paid for one year unlimited maintenance.

And then a friend of mine introduced me to Kurt at eXcelisys.

From the first meeting we had I felt 1000% better. I did not need to be technical, just to explain in layman’s terms what I needed. Within days my site was reworked to exactly how I wanted it and what I needed to do, within a week I transferred over to his recommended web host WP engine. My site has not gone down since.

I am smart enough to know to hire an expert in the areas where I do not excel. My site needs to be functional, integrated with my CRM and appointment scheduler, it does all that now. Updates and changes are implemented accurately and quickly.

One of the best decisions I made was to change over to work with Kurt and Shane and his team. My business is exploding and the only reason I can keep up with the growth is because my site is doing the job it intended.

Thank you Kurt and your team.