Mission Critical Facilities International

"eXcelisys has professionally delivered on all of our development needs."

eXcelisys and Doug have been great to work with during their development of our software needs. I am knowledgeable about and have developed in FileMaker for over 20 years, however, having eXcelisys on our team has decreased development time and provided us with professional solutions that are substantially beyond my skill level. Doug has worked hard to understand our needs and builds solutions that can continue to be built on and used by several of our departments.

We started with small projects that are only used by a couple team members at MCFI and now we are working on projects that are used by most of the company. Doug's development skills are much more than just building what I ask or what building to the scope - he helps to build solutions that can be the template for several of our challenges.

Doug has been instrumental in helping define and build several solutions that integrate Excel, PDF and Word outputs from vendors to a concise form that we then present to our clients. In addition, eXcelisys has built and we continue to build solutions that increase productivity and eliminate errors to present clients with proprietary documents.

eXcelisys has professionally delivered on all of our development needs.