I began working with eXcelisys in 2018 to make some minor improvements to our website and that went very smoothly. Over the pandemic, we started developing a new backend system using Filemaker with another team that was local, and it went very poorly. I recalled eXcelisys and called them to see if we could transition to them. We have worked together to build a new system, improve our website further and will eventually integrate it all together. We have just started implementing the new system, and I can already see how much more efficient all of this is going to be and how much of a difference it will make for our school and even just life in general. I’m forever grateful for this. You wouldn’t think software could change a life, but it can! It’s already making a big difference for me as a founder, our administration, our teachers and our families. Most of all, I’m so appreciative of the direct, even-keeled, no-drama approach, the diligent work and how all of that has improved our school and life in general!