The marketing department at Adobe had been using a FileMaker-based solution for some time that tracked all their marketing activities, from trade shows and in-store events, to advertising and more. Their rapid world-wide growth forced them to move to a browser-based solution that could be accessed from anywhere. In addition, they wanted us to integrate a “roadmap”: a matrix that displayed all marketing activities one quarter at a time, filtered by product type.

Excelisys built new data tables using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and several html pages based on ASP(Active Server Pages) to recreate the functionality of the original FileMaker Pro system in a web-browser environment, creating an intranet accessible web application.

The roadmap turned out to work even better than they had imagined, as we included several “added-value” functions such as the ability to click on an activity in the roadmap’s grid and be taken to detailed information about that activity.