‘Too Hot?’ We Don’t Mind the Fire

Shunned by Other Developers, Angery American Mobilizes Forces with the eXcelisys Website Development Team

A while back, Chris Weatherman – famed prepper, survivalist, podcaster and contestant on the History Channel’s first season of “Alone” – found himself alone, once again. The backdrop of his isolation this time was not Vancouver Island, but the wilderness of web development. Weatherman – best known as the “Angery American” and author of the best-selling “Survivalist” book series – could not find a website developer willing to touch his website.

After seeing this post, eXcelisys Production Manager and VP Kurt Knippel reached out to Weatherman, telling him eXcelisys would be happy to take on the project. “Kurt was willing to say, ‘This guy might be a little controversial, but we’re not afraid of the cancel culture crowd’ – that means a lot to me.” As “A. American” (that’s Weatherman’s pen name), Weatherman was also pleased to work with a company like eXcelisys that employs only U.S.-based developers.

Weatherman had a website, but it was old, dated and built by a friend who no longer had time to mess with it. For months, www.angeryamerican.com sat off-grid as Weatherman sought a developer to build a new site for fans who rely on his tips and tricks to learn self-reliance and skill-up for eXtreme catastrophes.

This week, angeryamerican.com is back online, thanks to work from the eXcelisys web development team. The new WordPress/WooCommerce site offers Weatherman fans and aspiring preppers a one-stop shop where they can find all things Angery American, including Weatherman’s books, YouTube content, podcasts and social media. And MERCH. Lots of merch, from Angery American-branded tumblers to T-shirts, camp mugs and hats. Site visitors can also join the Angery American forum or sign up for the newsletter.

Above: The new Angery American landing page navigation bar allows site visitors to quickly find all things Angery American, from books, to podcasts, to videos and merch. Below: Instead of scouring the web to find Weatherman’s YouTube chats, survival videos and livestream replays, Angery American fans can find them curated on the site, all in one place.

Besides launching a website, Weatherman is in the process of launching a new book, “Exploring Home,” the twelfth volume in his million-selling Survivalist series. Weatherman is what you might call an accidental author. He wrote his first book in several installments posted to a survival forum and discovered an eager audience.

While his books are fiction – telling tales of survival in the context of societal collapse – they pass on real-world practical tips for surviving independently and acting as your own first responder in case of emergency (whether that’s a hurricane or an EMP event).

While following the narrative arc, readers pick up tips on providing their own security, shelter and nutrition (in book 8 the characters eat kudzu).

Website visitors can pre-order Weatherman’s latest book (at left), the twelfth in his “Survivalist” series. The book has an eXpected release date of Nov. 21.

Busy with his ongoing Facebook Live activities, podcasts and appearances at self-reliance eXpos, Weatherman left his management team – aka Holly Bonnette — to oversee the website development. As the point person for the Angery American rebuild, Bonnette worked closely with the eXcelisys development team. “Everybody has been a class act,” said Bonnette. “It’s such a can-do environment.”

Bonnette said she appreciates that eXcelisys always comes with a “How can we help you? How can we make that happen for you?” mindset – no matter the request. She pointed to a conversation with eXcelisys developer Shane Glover. Bonnette asked Glover if he could integrate, into the Angery American website, book and product reviews from other websites. As the conversation ended, Glover told Bonnette he was not sure how to do that and would look into it. “The next day, the reviews were there,” said Bonnette.

eXcelisys Solutions Services Consultant Laura Vie says Angery American was the perfect client for eXcelisys – as eXcelisys isn’t concerned with the social stigma and judgment that might surround certain clients, nor afraid of what others might say about our association with voices outside the mainstream message.

“We take all kinds,” said Vie, noting eXcelisy developers never let ideologies bias outcomes. “Our partnership is to make sure the client succeeds in whatever their thing is. We don’t let personal bias flavor the way we do a project. It doesn’t matter who you are – we don’t care about your philosophical bent and ours never comes into play.”

Knippel echoed the sentiment, saying the only agenda eXcelisys pushes is the daily agenda of “doing what is best – and right – for each client and their project.”

If you’re angery ‘cuz you can’t find anyone willing to take on your website development project, contact eXcelisys today. Our website solution consultants would be happy to discuss your website repair, design and development requirements!