Client Testimonial:
Delta Alpha Publishing wanted to convert the printed version of its acclaimed Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms into an ONLINE reference work that is easy to search. After more than five years talking or working with other firms it proved difficult to get a working version to Delta Alpha’s specification. However, Excelisys took a difficult project and professionally turned it into a working online real estate Encyclopedia. It was a pleasure working with a firm whose approach was always ‘can do’.

—Damien Abbott

About Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD
Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD publishes the most comprehensive Encyclopedia on real estate terminology, which is now in its Third Edition. This book is used as a reference work by real estate professionals around the world, including law firms, accountants, corporations and libraries. The book defines and explains over 10,000 terms with material from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and France. There are extensive legal and bibliographical references and over 20,000 cross-references.

Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD wanted to provide its customers with an ONLINE version of the book that would enable the user to readily access terms and definitions and the extensive reference material. After discussions with other developers it proved difficult to get this work into the requisite user-friendly website. Excelisys stepped in and tackled this custom web application development with diligence! The previous developers of the web application failed to provide a solution to this problem and eventually dropped out of contact with Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD.

Using PHP and MySQL, Excelisys, Inc was able to accomplish the goals of Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD, quickly and easily. In particular, the prior developer was unable to provide the layout, search, and cross–referencing facilities to the standard required by Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD. While it was tricky to be sure, we handled it with ease, using the material that was provided by Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD in Word format.

The result is a private custom web application for subscribers to the ONLINE version of the real estate Encyclopedia database. The users can login with a unique username and password, and search or review terms, find the corresponding definition, link to all the cross references and view the bibliographical and other material relevant to each word or phrase. The custom website can be updated periodically by Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD in order that the user can stay current and up to date in the ever changing world of real estate terminology.

A custom FileMaker Pro solution, also developed by Excelisys, Inc, provides the client with an easy method of organizing and updating the website Encyclopedia database.

Damien Abbott, President
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