Client Testimonial:
Regarding Christo and the Excelisys team … These guys are the absolute best. They are well experienced in the FileMaker world, have direct ties with the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, know most of the FSA members and work directly with FileMaker, Inc. management. They personally know and associate with other world-renown FileMaker Pro development professionals and really know what is going on technically with FileMaker Pro… really good programmers. I have worked with Christo and Geoff Ryle (and others) that are or have been part of the Excelisys team for about 5 years now. I can tell you that, however you found them, you have found the most honest, most competent, most reliable FileMaker Pro developers you could hope to work with. The web system development they have done for me has been reliable, on time and extremely well designed. They created a school district maintenance management and maintenance tracking system for my company… Their cost and professionalism has also been just the best. You can completely trust them with your solution. They will design the proper code under the hood, make the interface the best around and follow your directions. The follow up and attention to detail has been solid as well.

—Joe Vulgan

Excelisys was given the task to create a LAN/WAN/Web system that allows teachers throughout a multi-site school district to submit maintenance requests, which each site’s principal can either approve or revoke. The maintenance manager could then either procure estimates (if requested) and/or ultimately assign the work to be done by maintenance personnel.

Learning Pathways came to us with the idea of making a commercial maintenance tracking software product available to school districts. After planning the workflow and many possible scenarios, we being FileMaker Pro developers created a system that is extremely flexible in a multitude of situations. Principals and managers access the system via FileMaker Pro client on their desktop machines, while teachers use their web browsers to submit requests and check their status. To this day, LPI has successfully deployed their custom software solution within many school districts throughout the country, and have extremely minimal training, customer service and technical support requirements due to the extremely intuitive interface and complete feature set.

The final solution, called “Maintenance Tracker”, was implemented in a limited number of school districts throughout the United States and was well received. Although the maintenance tracking software was well-suited for their needs, Learning Pathways unfortunately did not market their solution well and in 2004 closed their doors due to lack of funding. However, Maintenance Tracker is still in use in many of those original sites to this very day, proving the high quality of the system’s design and the enduring appeal of FileMaker even in its earlier versions.