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CLIENT Provision Business Services LLC
DATE 2012
TAGS Consulting, Design-Development, Financial, Graphic Design, HTML, Integration, MySQL, PHP, Professional-Services, Web Applications, Websites, WordPress

“You guys know your stuff.”

— Our friend at Provision Business Services LLC, Kim Mayfield

We recommend Excelisys!

Provision Business Services came to us looking for a simple website design with basic information. However, they also wanted to be able to add and edit content to the website on their own. Another goal had to do with search engine optimization. They wanted their website to show up in search engine results when people searched for the phrase “Bookkeepers, Albuquerque”.

A WordPress website blog integration was the perfect fit for this company, because it would give them the flexibility to manage their own web content. We installed and configured the WordPress blog and then tailored its appearance to meet their preferences. We also added the initial content. We also suggested that they use a domain name that included their selected keywords.

Provision is very satisfied with the custom WordPress site blog solution, SEO consultant services, and the support we offered helping them become familiarized with the inner workings of their WordPress website blog administration features. They also reported excellent results in showing up in MSN and Yahoo! search results for their targeted keyword phrase. Their website came up as the 2nd listing on the first page! We’re sure they’ll continue to have success as they apply the suggestions we gave them about optimizing their web content.

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Survey Review:
“I can count on Excelisys to have the technical expertise to accomplish whatever job I need. They are always looking ahead to advise me on additional ways to achieve my goals. Rick went out of his way to speak with me about my new business and gave me some really good advice to pursue (unrelated to computers). He was just interested in helping me. Greg is a very efficient manager. He is able to translate my non-computer speak into computer lingo for the programmers. I worked with Greg and Vikki on this most recent project. They presented a “grand plan” of what I would like to achieve and then we started working on it in phases. Vikki was very patient in teaching me how to use the new features that I wasn’t familiar with. Thanks guys”

Kim Mayfield, Owner
Phone: 505-341-2622

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