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eXcelisys has worked with multitudes of companies, organizations and individuals worldwide, developing & delivering FileMaker database systems and custom mobile apps on time and on budget.

Check out our success stories on our blog or contact us today to eXplore the possibilities!

We Put the Flow in Workflow

Tired of improvising? Let’s get organizing your data! For nearly 2 decades, we’ve been delivering custom FileMaker database solutions that improve our customers’ workflow processes and end-user morale. When ready-made software doesn’t function the way you function, it’s time to customize. Looking to consolidate multiple software pieces into a single system while automating tasks? Need your solution to integrate with eXisting technologies and scale as you grow? Then custom FileMaker database development is for you!

Whether it’s creating a sales quoting & fulfillment app, managing invoices & work orders, monitoring warehouse inventory with barcodes, or eXchanging information with QuickBooks and/or Paypal, we’ve done it before.

Oh, you need to share data off-site so you’re not tied to an office workstation? No problem. Get access to your custom FileMaker database both on- and off-premises with desktops, iPads & mobile phones – wherever you want to work, on whatever device you want to work on.

Custom FileMaker Database Development

eXcelisys FileMaker consultants specialize in all aspects of the FileMaker platform, including mobile apps, website and third-party integration (Amazon, PayPal, QuickBooks). We can eXtend and improve an eXisting FileMaker app or create a shiny new one.

We can develop fast and efficient mobile applications so you can do the voodoo you do oh so well remotely. Using FileMaker GO (available in the app store) you can run your FileMaker Pro solutions we create for you on iPads and iPhones.

FileMaker Web Direct is an innovative web technology that instantly runs FileMaker solutions directly in a web browser — no web programming required. Custom Web Apps integrating FileMaker onto the web require coding using PHP with an API-driven approach.

We understand that sometimes you just need a “sounding-board,” an ear to bend, a helping-hand, or a coach to assist you with your FileMaker project. Tap into our vast FileMaker eXpertise and knowledge from using it in so many diverse businesses and organizations.

We can fix, update, upgrade, or eXtend any FileMaker solution you throw at us; we’re not scared. Our knowledgeable, friendly and certified eXperts stand ready!

Migrating data (moving it from one like system to another) or converting data (moving data between significantly different systems) can be daunting. Let the eXcelisys team of FileMaker conversion eXperts help. We will do it efficiently and with minimal hiccups.

We often tie FileMaker, WordPress and mobile solutions together. Other frequent FileMaker integrations include e-mail, calendaring, QuickBooks, PayPal, shipping APIs from FedEx and UPS, Google Maps, phone systems, and a plethora of others …

The eX-Files are a series of jump-start FileMaker® Pro solutions that offer end-users a reasonably complete and functional customizable business application for a fraction of the cost and time, as compared to from-scratch custom solutions – enjoy the best of both worlds!

Our contributions to the FileMaker community? Several cool FREE FileMaker downloadable demos files (with instructions!) showcasing techniques using the power of the FileMaker platform and how to implement them. And some project bragging.

eXcelisys has crafted fabulous FileMaker solutions in every industry imaginable: fashion, finance, publishing, marketing, medical, retail, wholesale & higher education, just to name a few.

Every software puzzle has a solution. Let’s find yours. 

FileMaker Go Mobile App Solutions

FileMaker Go is a free app client that seamlessly eXtends the reach and convenience of your FileMaker Pro solution to devices here, there and everywhere. With a FileMaker Go custom mobile app you can use your database on the road, at a far-flung job site, or on the warehouse floor. Collect and access data from sea to shining sea using your iPad or iPhone – then share it with your home base! Work in real time (great for the warehouse) — or, in remote areas, work offline to capture vital information without worrying about a wi-fi or cell signal, then upload the data later when a connection is available.

Use FileMaker Go Mobile Applications for:

  • Signature Capture
    • delivery confirmation
    • contract approval (close deals faster by uploading signed contracts on the spot)
    • repair authorization (get that signature & get started right away)
    • sign-in attendance forms (take roll quickly at classes & conferences with iPad signature check-in)
  • Check-out/check-in system
    • rental equipment
    • hospital scrubs
    • laboratory specimens
    • equipment arriving for repairs or being sent back to a client after repair
  • Data collection (including photos, video & audio files)
    • patient information (collect patient data in eXam room for immediate access by doctors & nurses)
    • research (from the field or from the lab)
    • eXpenses (track costs at a job site)
    • student data
    • health assessments
    • conduct employee evaluations (during an observation)
  •  Printing reports & forms (with AirPrint)
  • Inventory
    • scan bar codes in the warehouse to instantly update inventory levels on the sales floor
    • mobile POS solutions
    • track job materials when they arrive on-site
  • Checklists
    • pre-flight checklist for aviation
    •  fire safety inspection checklists
    • send task lists to & from the jobsite to ensure everything stays on track
  • Photo capture (from your device to your database)
    • field service repair & maintenance (Want to show a client you’ve repaired their property or serviced their pool or spa? Take a photo of the results.)
    • inspections (Evaluating roof damage? Take photos & estimate repairs right on the spot.)
  • Ordering
    • Place mobile orders from the road
  • iPhone Geo Discovery
    • find locations quicker (for deliveries & repair — map out efficient routes)

Add, edit, search, sort & report on data out in the field instantly to boost productivity!

Our Mission: Focus on You and Your Custom FileMaker Requirements, and Deliver eXceptional Results, Period!

Certified eXperts

Claris FileMaker Partners

Proven Track Record

We will listen carefully to your FileMaker solution requirements, understand the problems you’re trying to solve, and work with you to deliver a FileMaker application that fits your organization, perfectly.

We’ve been working with FileMaker Pro since its infancy, that gives us just shy of 30 years hands-on experience.

FileMaker Platinum Partners

Claris FMP

• eXcelisys has been an FBA member since 2002 • Has been a FileMaker certified developer since version 7 • • Awarded the Claris FileMaker Partners designation from 2014-2019 •

Riveting Reviews Relinquished by Customers

We Love Our Customers, And They Love Us!

“Been working with Duane Weller the entire time, and he’s been a great asset. Listens to what our needs are,…”

– Rick O’Quinn, University of Georgia

Ken Moorehead has been great to work with. He has been thorough, listened well, knew when to ask questions, and…

James Coleman, Forester Benefits Management

My first contact was with Levi, who listened to my lengthy story of how I ended up desperately needing eXcelisys’…

Kristi Rowley, Rowley Associates

We are going on seven years with eXcelisys and I can’t wait to see what we come up with in…

Brian McVeigh, ASAP Aquatics, LLC

Experience so far has been positive! From a development perspective I think I underestimated the hours that would be required…

Mike MacKinnon, Uptown Spirits

The team at eXcelysis was able to take what was/is a very complex set of variables, interactions, and processes in…

Griff Foxley, Lone Mountain Cattle Company
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  • Image of hammer crushing disk drive to illustrate data destruction

Data Destruction Monitoring Tool

Data destruction is big business. Seeking a better way to monitor and audit the disk-wipe process, Archive Data Solutions came to eXcelisys. We built a nifty little tracker that monitors the data sanitization process on a standalone Linux machine. Works remotely, too.

  • Crystal Vaults sells healing crystals with help from Magento integration

Metaphysical Supply Shop Finds Bliss with Magento Integration

This Magento integration links up the Crystal Vaults webstore and inventory database. Orders can be pulled into the database from a dashboard, thus allowing the inventory to be quickly updated to reflect sales converting on multiple marketplaces (i.e., the Crystal Vaults eCommerce site, ebay and Amazon Marketplace).

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