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DATE 2007
TAGS Agriculture, Consulting, CSS, Database, Design-Development, Desktop Solutions, Engineering, FileMaker Pro, Graphic Design, Home-Services, HTML, Integration, MySQL, PHP, Professional-Services, SyncDek, Synchronization, Web Applications, Web Database Integration, Websites, WordPress

Project Description

“Excelisys rocked! If we could think it up they could make it happen.”

— Our friend at ASAP Aquatics, LLC, Brian McVeigh

We recommend Excelisys!

ASAP is a pond, fountain, and lake maintenance company located in Indianapolis, IN specializing in the systemic control of nuisance vegetation. They were in need of both a custom website solution and a custom web app (for client access), as well as enhanced software development on their existing internally used FileMaker Pro solution.

Excelisys provided them with a complete custom web application and website designed around ASAP’s existing logos and graphical elements, including a private client only account review module. The My Account area of the ASAP website is connected to a MySQL back-end, which is synchronized daily with ASAP’s internal FileMaker Pro solution. This includes a rather complicated login procedure for both public and private access to pond related information. The FileMaker Pro solution is used both in the office, as well as remote users via SyncDek, a synchronization engine to keep info between internal and external sources up-to-date.

Client is very happy with the results. Clients will be using the custom made website this summer to track pond status.

Post Project Survey: Survey Results
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Survey Review:
“When looking for a vendor to update our database that was assembled over many years of self taught developing there was much concern if it could be resurrected from the duct tape and chicken wire holding it together. We chose Excelisys because they took time to understand not only our database but how it was used in the business and what we actually do. We spent a lot of time discussing daily operations and they genuinely wanted to make the database solution work for us, not create a cookie cutter solution. Outside the difficulties of sifting through the unorganized database we presented, we also relied heavily on third party synchronization for the database. They studied the synchronization software, consulted with the programmers when necessary and were able to seamlessly incorporate and actually improve the efficiency of the synchronization process across all our mobile devices. After completing a rebuild of our database there were only a couple minor bugs and they were fixed almost as fast as we could post them. The process went so smoothly we decided to proceed with making data available online for our clients. The design of a website, adding a secure client side with multiple levels of login and incorporating the syncing process was very complicated but again they excelled and diligently worked out any bugs that popped up. The database is an absolute necessity for our day to day operations and it has been solidly improved by Excelisys. The rewards have been profound and have allowed us a new level of creative thinking and service to our clients is now fast and direct. Collaborating primarily online and via phone was a new experience. A good experience. It allowed everyone to focus and keep track of complexities and progress. It also allowed a terrific group of specialists to be brought together from great distances to produce a very professional, structured, yet fun team. They really feel like an extension of our business. If we could think it up they could make it happen. We are going on seven years with Excelisys and I can’t wait to see what we come up with in the future.

Brian McVeigh, Owner
(317) 591-9000 x4

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