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Rob is an accomplished lead Certified FileMaker Pro Developer who produced his first solution way back when big hair and mullets were just going out of style. His passion for FileMaker Pro programming runs so deep he’s crossed state lines over the years to follow his craft. He brings a vast eXperience of developing vertical market solutions for companies like 14 Floor, LLC and their PrintStar Print Management solution and Medovation, LLC with their RadRunner solution. He has also been an in–house developer for a large domestic logistics company and the photo industry incorporating solutions to handle sales, repairs, and inventory management. With his breadth and width of eXperience Rob is a huge asset to eXcelisys with the ability to provide FileMaker Pro development and consulting for our vast array of our clients and their solution requirements. In his spare time Rob is a Father, winemaker, beer brewmeister, and an ordained minister who also happens to be a third degree black belt and instructor in Kajukenbo. His favorite saying is “Knock ’em out first, pray later.”

FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Trick: Hide-n-Seek a Button in a FileMaker Pro Portal Row

Ready to Play Hide and Seek with a Button in a FileMaker Pro Portal Row? By Rob Poelking I just figured this out and thought it was cool enough to share with you. It’s pretty commonplace to put a button over a FileMaker Pro portal row object to trigger an event related to that particular row. But sometimes you

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FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Trick: Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13

Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13 After a discouraging loss of work due to a virtual machine image crashing, I looked deeper into the FileMaker Server 13 user guide and discovered that FileMaker Server 13 is now supporting hosting files from a mounted network volume. You still cannot back up files to a

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FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Tricks: Moving Files Without a PlugIn in FileMaker Pro

Moving Files Without a PlugIn with FileMaker Pro! This FileMaker Pro tip and trick shows a simple method of moving files without a native FileMaker plugin, and works on both Mac and the PC/Win platforms. The idea for this Tip-n-Trick originated when building an updater that required files to be in a predetermined location for automated imports.

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FileMaker Pro Tip and Trick: Setting Portal Color

Setting Portal Color using FileMaker® Pro Here is a little FileMaker Pro Tip and Trick… Have you tried setting the color or opacity of your portal object only to find that it doesn’t seem to take? That happened to me and it took looking at the CSS to realize that while my Portal object was set

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FileMaker Go: Dynamic Script Triggers

Using Dynamic Script Triggers in FileMaker Go What? It was a couple years ago that I was introduced to dynamic script triggering in a video by Matt Petrowski. The basic premise is that you maintain a table with the names of scripts and a label that is presented in a portal view on a layout. You

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