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Founded in 2001, eXcelisys (www.excelisys.com) is an FBA Partner and FileMaker Certified developer organization. eXcelisys specializes in designing, developing, customizing, supporting, consulting, migrating, upgrading, fixing, and integrating of database solutions for Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications. Our core technology competencies are the Claris FileMaker desktop and web tools suite, MySQL and PostgreSQL for database frameworks, along with WordPress, PHP, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and WooCommerce for websites and web applications. Aside from providing eXcellent customer service, our goals are to use these technologies to intuitively automate your organization’s data solution needs seamlessly and flawlessly across the web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Contact eXcelisys anytime for a free estimate and consultation about making your business more efficient through intuitive and effective software automation. 866-592-9235.

To Be … Or Not to Be – A FileMaker Certified Developer

We asked a bunch of developers about the certification process and its impact on their work. As a consumer, you want to know what you’re paying for when you hire a developer with the FileMaker Inc. seal of approval. How do developers get certified — and what, eXactly, does it mean?

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Holiday Light Maker Finds Peace on Earth with Sales Quoting & Fulfillment App

Just as Santa relies on the elves to keep his North Pole toy shop churning, this holiday light manufacturer depends on the FileMaker Pro Platform to manage sales and distribution of its bulbous bling.

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Mobile Field Service App Keeps ASAP Aquatics from Drowning in Paperwork

Pond service techs use iPads in the field to document service calls with notes and pictures. App transfers thousands of records a day from the road to the front office to the customer.

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Penny Newman Grain Co.

Penny Newman Grain Co. CLIENT Penny Newman Grain Co. DATE 2012 TAGS Agriculture, Consulting, Database, Design-Development, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, Mobile Applications, Synchronization About Penny Newman Grain Co. Penny Newman Grain Inc. is a grain/feed supplier to the cattle and livestock industry. Challenge: Penny Newman had an idea to try

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SnowPusherLite CLIENT TRW Innovations, LLC DATE 2011 TAGS CSS, Database, Design-Development, Desktop Solutions, eX-BizTracker, FileMaker Pro, Graphic Design, HTML, Integration, MySQL, Paypal, PHP, Retail-Sales, Web Applications, Web Database Integration, Websites, WordPress Project Description About TRW Innovations, LLC TRW Innovations, LLC is a family-owned part-time business who sell, designed and manufacture

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A Step Above Hair/Nail Salon – WordPress Website

A Step Above Hair/Nail Salon - WordPress Website CLIENT A Step Above Salon DATE 2014 TAGS Design-Development, Integration, MySQL, Professional-Services, Websites, WordPress Project Description Challenge: A different kind of salon wanting to have a web presence. Was not interested in the shared website platform that is readily available in

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ASAP Aquatics, LLC

ASAP Aquatics, LLC CLIENT ASAP Aquatics, LLC DATE 2007 TAGS Agriculture, Consulting, CSS, Database, Design-Development, Desktop Solutions, Engineering, FileMaker Pro, Graphic Design, Home-Services, HTML, Integration, MySQL, PHP, Professional-Services, SyncDek, Synchronization, Web Applications, Web Database Integration, Websites, WordPress Project Description “Excelisys rocked! If we could think it up they could

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Website Content and Design

Website Content and Design

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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