To Be … Or Not to Be – A FileMaker Certified Developer

To Be … Or Not to Be - A FileMaker Certified Developer Should You Hire Only FileMaker Certified Developers? How Do Developers Earn Certification and What Does it Mean? When you search for a root-canal doc, board certification is no crock. But what about your developer? Can an uncertified developer needle their way through your software project without inflicting

[FMP Tip-n-Trick] FileMaker Pro Audit Trail “Revisited”

FileMaker Pro Audit Trail “Revisited” By Doug West Nearly four years have passed since our last Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro Audit Trail made its Internet debut. The same principles are still going strong, and now we’ve added some bells and whistles based on user feedback. The steps to implement this revised FileMaker Pro audit trail technique in your

[FMP Tip-n-Trick] Hierarchical JSON Viewer / Editor

Hierarchical JSON Viewer / Editor By Andy Persons & Doug West One of the standout new features of FileMaker Pro 16 is native support for the JSON data-interchange format. In addition to providing easy integration with a host of online services, it also provides developers with the tools to create robust hierarchical structures for use entirely

FileMaker Pro Coaching / Consulting … Because 2 Heads Are Better Than 1

FileMaker Pro Coaching / Consulting … Because 2 Heads Are Better Than 1 Citizen developers and seasoned developers alike can benefit from a little technical & tactical FileMaker Pro advice to keep them moving in the right direction Coaching. We all know what that is. Flip on a college or pro football game any weekend and

Oyster Farm Nets Hefty Harvest by Linking FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks

FMP/QB Integration Spawns a Sea of Change for Efficiency  Located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Hama Hama is a fifth-generation timber and oyster farm (photo courtesy of Hama Hama).   Just as the soils of Napa Valley bestow the ideal wine-making grapes, the waters of Washington’s glacier-carved Hood Canal are idyllic for oyster farming. Here, the Hama Hama

Custom FileMaker Pro App Pedals Bike Tour Company on a New Journey

Custom FileMaker Pro App Pedals Bike Tour Company on a New Journey Tour-Tracker takes the hammering out of managing two-wheeled travelers to a more coasting eXperience! Dedicated to helping women grow into intrepid bike travelers, WomanTours has been spreading the joys of two-wheeled travel since 1994. The women-only bike tour company offers more than 50 cycling trips

FileMaker Go iPad App: A Notion for Motion Devotion

[retinaicon icon="beaker" size="small, medium, large" circle="true or false" color="#999999" background="#efefef" align="center"] Custom FileMaker Go iPad App Helps FMS Health & Safety Identify Dysfunctional Movement to Reduce Injuries and Workers’ Compensation Costs Mike Contreras would like to teach the world to move. Fluidly. Adeptly. With no hitches. No pain. “Our research — and the research out there — shows that if

[FMP Tip-n-Trick] FileMaker Pro Hierarchical Portal Filtering 2.3 Using Drag-n-Drop

Hierarchical Portal Filtering Incorporating Drag-n-Drop Technique By Andy Persons This is part three of a three-part series on hierarchical portal filtering in FileMaker Pro. You can find part one here and part two here. Demonstrating how to provide drag-and-drop rearranging and arbitrary sorting of hierarchical items. Standard Interface A common request when implementing hierarchical portal filtering is

[FMP Tip-n-Trick] Ziptastic Revisited Using FileMaker Pro 16

Ziptastic Revisited By: Doug West **Requires FileMaker Pro 16 Ziptastic is a simple web service for accessing geolocation data associated with postal codes. The API provided at supports postal codes in 70 countries. By sending a US-based ZIP Code in a URL, we can quickly and easily get the associated city, county, and state. This

Happy Camping at Riverview with FileMaker Pro Custom App

FileMaker Pro Custom App with Interactive Maps & Scheduling Grids Turn Campground & Canoe Management into a Leisure Activity Located on the Rifle River in Sterling, Michigan, River View Campground & Canoe Livery hosts some 2,000 guests each weekend. Paper-process overload is one of the top reasons organizations turn to a FileMaker Pro Custom App. In the mid-2000s, River

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