Happy Camping at Riverview with FileMaker Pro Custom App

FileMaker Pro Custom App with Interactive Maps & Scheduling Grids Turn Campground & Canoe Management into a Leisure Activity Located on the Rifle River in Sterling, Michigan, River View Campground & Canoe Livery hosts some 2,000 guests each weekend. Paper-process overload is one of the top reasons organizations turn to a FileMaker Pro Custom App. In the mid-2000s, River

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Cinema Camera Reboots With FileMaker Pro Rental Tracking App

New Camera Rental Tracking App Trims Paperwork “Production” Time & Turns Daily Tasks into One-Click Acts In the hot movie-making hub of Hollywood, Cinema Camera Rentals faces stiff competition in providing customers with the latest and greatest technology has to offer. With a need to streamline its equipment rental pipeline, Cinema Camera Rentals recently contracted with eXcelisys

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Camera Rental Company Zooms In On Inventory Control Using FileMaker Pro

Blockbuster Rental-Tracking Inventory App Sharpens Booking Process, Cuts Equipment Retrieval and Check-in Times During Hollywood’s rapid fade-out of 35-millimeter film, camera operator Neal Norton saw an opportunity to make money in the digital retooling of the industry. The year was 2010 and the German-made Arri ALEXA had just hit the market, providing a viable digital alternative to

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Geologist Fuels Consulting Biz by Drilling Deeper Into FileMaker Web Technology

FileMaker® Pro / WebDirect: FileMaker Web Subscription Service Keeps Oil Field and Reservoir Data Flowing to Prospectors 24/7 Just because your business involves fossil fuels, the technology you rely on doesn't need to be a fossil too. A new FileMaker web solution brings new technology to finding an old resource.  In the United States, the average person consumes

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FileMaker Go Solution Drives Cattle Feed Firm into the 21st Century

FileMaker Go Solution Drives Cattle Feed Firm into the 21st Century Custom Mobile App Puts iPads Out to Pasture (Literally) A farmer loads liquid feed from a distillery in Owensboro, KY, 1938 / Russell Lee, U.S. Farm Security Administration Cattle farmers have been using liquid feed supplements for more than a century. The practice

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FileMaker Go: A Perfect Prescription for Scrubs Management Disorder

Kiosk System Cuts Costs, Boosts Compliance and Automates Scrubs Tracking Medical facility managers are always looking for ways to bend the cost curve and ensure compliance with all of the regulations faced on a daily basis — while at the same time safeguarding patient care. Sai Systems Technologies understands this operational predicament and strives to provide compliance management

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FileMaker Developer Conference Interview 2016 in Las Vegas with Christo

  FileMaker Developer Conference Interview with Christo – eXcelisys Always hard to see yourself on video... That being said it was a very casual (tad impromptu) and fun exchange with FileMaker developer Don Clark from FileMakerProGurus.com. Thank you Don for the opportunity.     I must make note that there was some incorrect information from interpretation

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DevCon 2016 – eXcelisys Vendor Session: Tantalizing Tips-n-Tricks from the Trenches

DevCon 2016 - eXcelisys Vendor Session: Tantalizing Tips-n-Tricks from the Trenches Attend the eXcelisys vendor session on Wednesday July, 20 2016 from 2:00pm - 3:15pm The eXcelisys vendor session will be lead by our very own Mr. Doug West and assisted by some of the eXceptional eXcelisys FileMaker Pro talent. With a team of developers working on thousands of

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FileMaker Pro Review; an intuitive user experience

I was recently asked by another site to do a FileMaker Pro review, so I think it only fitting to share it here for our readers as well. :-) By David Thorp   What do you like best about FileMaker Pro? FileMaker Pro takes the core tasks involved with managing, storing and processing information and simplifies

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