eXcelisys Promotes Doug West To Product/Project Manager

Doug West becomes a new addition to the eXcelisys management team. South Bend, IN – January 18, 2013 – eXcelisys, Inc. (www.excelisys.com) is pleased to announce a new addition to the eXcelisys management team by promoting Doug West to the position of Product/Project Development Manager. West has been a FileMaker Pro Developer since 1998. His first

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eX-BizTracker 4 Alpha to be Demoed at FileMaker DevCon 2012

eXcelisys, Inc. announces the showing of the completely rewritten from the ground up eX-BizTracker V4.0 at the FileMaker DevCon in Miami, FL, the popular, easy to use solution for small to medium size businesses with tons of new features & functionality based on the recent release of FileMaker Pro 12. New features added to the eX-BizTracker V4.0

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Zen and the Art of FileMaker Development

There is an urban legend that at the beginning of the Space Race, NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could write in zero gravity. The Russians came up with a much simpler solution! They used a pencil! How often have each of us spent an enormous time laboring over a seemingly complex routine with subscript after

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eX BizTracker 3.12 – Now Adapted for FileMaker 12

Converting a FileMaker Pro solution written in the .fp7 format to the new .fmp12 file format is an extremely painless task. To illustrate this, we did a straight conversion on our ever-popular eX-BizTracker (eXBT). The result was an almost identical solution with only minor interface changes (some layout objects required slight adjustment of size and/or placement)

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FileMaker & Me: An Interactive, Multimedia E-book by Michael Rocharde

Excelisys Inc., is proud to announce the publication of Michael Rocharde’s FileMaker® & Me, an interactive, multimedia ebook created for the iPad® and available exclusively at the iTunes® store. Over the course of his 25-year career as a FileMaker® Pro Developer—10 of those as a member of the Excelisys team—Michael has published more than 40 articles and

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New FileMaker 12 Delivers Breakthrough Design Features for Creating Stunning Databases for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac

FileMaker Go 12 apps for iPad and iPhone are now free, making it easy to run iOS apps created by FileMaker Pro 12 SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 4, 2012 – FileMaker, Inc. today released the FileMaker 12 database software line. FileMaker 12 launches a new era for databases, empowering users to create stunning custom database

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Website Content and Design

Website Content and Design

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Privacy Policy

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