Doug West becomes a new addition to the eXcelisys management team.

South Bend, IN – January 18, 2013 – eXcelisys, Inc. ( is pleased to announce a new addition to the eXcelisys management team by promoting Doug West to the position of Product/Project Development Manager.

West has been a FileMaker Pro Developer since 1998. His first 13 years of FileMaker exploration were spent in product development at HAPPY Software working with mobile computing, document imaging, check printing and direct deposit transactions, audit trails, electronic data interchange with the IRS and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), QuickBooks integration, and a secure online backup system (using PHP within FileMaker Pro). West then joined the eXcelisys team in 2011 where he has applied advanced scripting techniques to provide substantial value in custom solutions through comprehensive order, inventory, and workflow management, as well as integration with systems such as PayPal, FedEx, and UPS. West was also the primary developer of the new eX-BizTracker 4 that is currently in beta.

“Doug has shown tremendous team adhesion, his clients love him, he stays on top of the latest and greatest techniques and he takes a very logical approach to custom development and business processes and workflow” said Christo, President and Founder of eXcelisys. “I think he’ll make a great addition to our management team and I look forward to his contributions and our closer working relationship.”

Greg Furry, a Principal & Project Manager with eXcelisys stated, “Doug has been a great member of the eXcelisys team for the last couple of years. I am very eXcited to see what he can bring to this larger role on eXcelisys’ management team.” Mr. Furry further commented “Before Doug we were missing a certain “Dougness”. Now our Dougness is complete. eXcelisys is now firing on all cylinders and nothing can stop us, except maybe Zombies… “

“eXcelisys has brought together some of the best talent from around the globe in an ideal work environment. I am looking forward to finding new ways to channel this collective talent into tools to benefit developers and end users.” Commented Doug. “As we improve our tools, we will be able to spend less time meeting core requirements and have more time to make our solutions the lifeblood of the organizations we serve. I look forward to my new challenges ahead and being a part of this incredible team!”

“I’m just glad to no longer be the FNG of this management team!” said Rick Middleton, Principal and VP of Sales. “Having Doug on board is the missing piece of the eXcelisys management puzzle, and I am very eXcited about the breath of fresh ideas he will bring to our team”.

“Doug is going to be a great asset to our management team, our clients and our staff. His product/project management skills are going to make us all look good.” remarked Kurt Knippel, Principal and Project Manager with eXcelisys. “We finally have a PM, in Doug, that Greg is able to look up to.”

In his new role as Product/Project Development Manager, West will direct and oversee product development, including eXcelisys’ popular eX-Files jump-start solutions, mobile modules, demo files, tips-n-tricks and other software initiatives. In addition, he will manage projects for clients who hire eXcelisys for the customization and integration of eX-Files solutions, QuickBooks integration as well as those clients who wish to develop a commercial software application for resale.

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