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CLIENT Atlantis, Inc.
DATE 2015
TAGS Consulting, Design-Development, Entertainment, Integration, PHP, Plug-Ins, Social, Upgrades-Enhancements, Web Applications, Websites, WordPress


The primary challenges on this project have been developing additional functionality and updating the site as needed to meet the growing popularity and resulting demands of a popular blog and online community.


Custom web solutions have included WordPress troubleshooting and resolving obsolete PHP and plugins; optimizing WordPress and server settings for increased traffic and resource requirements; creating new media gallery functionality to match the existing WordPress theme and styles; creating new pages and reorganizing site architecture to accommodate new products and events content; developing a more robust archive of historical posts to improve content visibility by both timeliness and topic; and creating a front-end submission form and approval workflow process for user-generated content.


The website provides its users with a familiar and easy-to-understand organization of new and archived content. The online community continues to grow and the site is thriving.

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