To build a travel software solution that consolidates all of the details on their ecology safaris. Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris takes travelers on small group wildlife tours with an emphasis on ecology, wildlife, and being in the field with knowledgeable leaders. They were looking for a way to better manage their Clients, Tours and Reservations, and Payments. It was especially important to Cheesemans’ that this travel solution be extremely user-friendly and intuitive to accommodate all levels of computer users, while still being comprehensive enough to cover all of the various details that they needed to track.

Excelisys merged all aspects of trip management into a single tab-style user-interface, with a high level of color coordination amongst the various sections. Users can easily access and interact with all modules via the tabs at the top of every screen. In addition, a home page was designed so that the user would always have a place to re-orient themselves as well as perform certain common everyday functions.

This is a long-time client, who still works with us on a regular basis. The travel software solution has grown to automate all aspects of their travel business.

Ted Cheeseman, CEO
Phone: (408) 741-5330
Email: [email protected]