After interviewing a number of developers, FileMaker, Inc. chose Excelisys to both design and develop a working demonstrable custom FileMaker Pro solution that would double as a fully functional business tracking software system. It needed to showcase the many new features being introduced in the new (at the time) FileMaker Pro 7, which was about to be released. We’re more than a little proud of this, and very excited about the success of our working relationship with FileMaker, Inc.

We worked hundreds of hours with the great folks at FileMaker, designing and refining to get just the right balance of form and function. Since we were working with pre-release software, we unfortunately were forced to start completely over when they changed the file format not once but twice! Despite this, we met every milestone and delivered exactly what they asked for.

The FileMaker Business Tracker was hugely successful and praised by the FileMaker community at large. FMI representatives took it on the road and used it in their demonstrations. And end-users found it the perfect tool to run their small businesses. The FBT still carries the distinction of being the single most-downloaded file on FileMaker’s website, and is the inspiration for our own Excelisys business tracking software (eX-BizTracker).