Jump-Start FileMaker Pro Template for Equipment Rental Tracking

A custom asset rental tracking solution in ½ the time & cost!

Inventory Calendar for Product Availability • Kitting • Barcoding • Fast Inventory Check In/Out • Maintenance and Repair Tracking • & More!!!

Rental Tracker

The eX-RentalTracker is the 4th addition to our marvelous mainstream makeup of jump-start FileMaker Pro templates as part of our eX-Files solution series. This ridiculously radical equipment rental and inventory tracking software accurately tracks inventory, bookings, returns, invoices, and payments received or outstanding, and will make a huge difference in the success of your asset renting business!

We took our already amazing eX-BizTracker to level 11 – this awesome bundle of organized code automates and tracks the unavoidable logistical details necessary to run a successful rental business. Not only do you get all the features and functionality of what the eX-BizTracker is packed with, we added a smidge and a pinch of “clairvoyance” which will enable you to see into the future and know when equipment will come in, and when equipment will go out!

And if you come up a tad short on availability for any particular items due to overbooking or out for repair, not an issue for this congregation of components as it can handle sub-rentals with a simplified and streamlined repair tracking process unique to our solution that you will love.

And while the eX-RentalTracker is the newest member to our little suite of eX-Files, and when we say ‘new’, we certainly don’t mean it hasn’t been tried and tested. This rambunctious rental software solution is based on a few years of experience with customers “in the rental biz” like Cinema Camera and Gulf Camera and a few others within a wildly diverse group of rental industries.

Now here is the no-brainer, finding the right equipment rental software solution to fit your unique rental requirements is not always easy, right..? Until now! Our eX-RentalTracker provides you with a pre-built set of the most commonly asked for and needed features and functionality used in the rental business industry. It literally can be used as is, or we can enhance it with all the cool things you want and need. We can also remove pieces that you don’t really care about. We can customize, tweak, modify, and enhance it to perfectly fulfill your rental business needs.

If off-the-shelf inventory tracking software is not quite living up to your needs and expectations, or your options seem limited, and the thought of the cost and time involved in creating a custom solution from the ground up overwhelms you, you’re in the right place! Give our eX-RentalTracker a try and see for yourself how remarkable it is!

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