One of the mot valuable tools WordPress offers website owners is the ability to schedule posts to publish at a later date. There are significant benefits to scheduling posts–both users and search engines alike appreciate regularly updated, fresh and timely content published on your site.

This means you’ll increase the traffic to your site and exposure to search engines by scheduling content to regularly publish over time, instead of publishing several posts in blocks all at once.

Unfortunately, most people have irregular schedules and little “extra” time to invest to write and publish blog posts throughout the week. But with the ability to schedule posts to publish at any time in the future–you can easily schedule posts to publish on your WordPress website for days or weeks into the future, at any interval or schedule you like.

To schedule posts on WordPress to publish at any time in the future, simply click the “Edit” link next to “Publish Immediately” (right above the big “Publish” button). Then, add whatever month, day, year and time you want the post to publish to your site. Click “OK,” and the publish button automatically changes to a “Schedule” button. Voila!

Other benefits include being able to schedule posts at the time of day that generates the most traffic or conversions, as well as giving webmasters the ability to take a vacation without abandoning their blog or leaving users without new content while they’re away. If you run a news blog, scheduling posts lets you easily coordinate the timing of published articles while accommodating embargoes.