The Grand Lodge of Kentucky (GLK)

  • The Grand Lodge of Kentucky
  • The Grand Lodge of Kentucky
  • The Grand Lodge of Kentucky
  • The Grand Lodge of Kentucky

CLIENT The Grand Lodge of Kentucky
DATE 2015
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The Grand Lodge of Kentucky is one of two state organizations that supervise Masonic lodges in the state of Kentucky. It was established in 1800. The Grand Lodge of Kentucky Free and Accept Masons are a philanthropic organization made up of over 54,000 members and more than 400 lodges across the state.

GLK needed a website that would enable them to get their message out, attract more members, and bring their existing members together easier. Their Home Journal publication needed to be more accessible to members and they were looking to save them thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs each and every month. GLK wanted their users to move towards an online forms entry to handle things such as petitions for degrees or address change requests, and keep track of member status and dues collection, and transfers between lodges.


We chose to go with a WordPress website application. We worked with GLK to pick out a template from ThemeForest and customized the heck out of it. Though much of the content was the same, it had to be modified, restructured, and had new imagery added.

The custom WordPress website application Excelisys built now enables GLK to get their message out via a central place for all postings and mass e-mails, potential new members can now get information quickly and bring their existing members together with an online forum. Their Home Journal publication can now be downloaded off their website and is automatically emailed to all their members. The back-end of their site, built using PHP, CSS and MySQL, requires a secure login entry, upon which users can fill out forms for such things as petitions for degrees, address changes and updates, and keep track of a member’s status, and handles their dues collection processes.


This custom WordPress website application is a more pleasing and dynamic website that allows their current and potential members to find out more information about the organization, and other information that had previously been a challenge to find. As a result of our WordPress website design services, their users can search for lodges and there is a full online store and archive search for past information.

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