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CLIENT King Shots, Inc.
DATE 2014
TAGS Consulting, Database, Design-Development, Desktop Solutions, FileMaker Pro, Integration, MySQL, Photo-Services, Professional-Services, Retail-Sales, Synchronization, Web Applications, Web Database Integration

Client Testimonial:
My relationship with Christo, the Founder of Excelisys, goes back 20+ years. I have witnessed first–hand the creative vision and growth of an industry leader in the custom database solution design, development, and deployment realm. I sought out Christo and his team for my meager project of an Intra–net Sales Automation solution. We photograph very large competitions nationwide and we needed a system that was easy to use and rock solid, as it was to be setup and torn down in 30 cities over a six-month period. But most importantly, for a small businessman on a tight budget, I needed to realize a significant increase in operating profit to justify this investment.

Kurt Knippel, Ken Moorhead, and Abhi Garg are amazing to work with, especially for someone with all the demands in the world, but with very little knowledge of the actual solution building protocols and software limitations. I have been known to be impatient and both Kurt and the eX-team held my hand throughout the entire process, all the while wondering why Christo had put up with a “friend like me” for so many years. I demanded; they produced. I was impatient; they were soothing and methodical. Biggest bottom line: SALES INCREASED!

I look forward to Kurt and the crew’s continued patience and expertise as we refine an already fantastic photo database software solution. Thank you Excelisys!

—Neil King

To create an easy and intuitive FileMaker Pro photo database POS solution to allow show-participants to select images that were taken of their performances live on stage. The FileMaker Pro photo database solution needed to facilitate several people simultaneously wedding to FIND, VIEW, then SELECT the images that they wanted to purchase of themselves, quickly, efficiently, and with NO knowledge of how to use the FileMaker Pro photo database POS solution.

A kiosk style photo POS software solution, running on a series of networked laptop PCs, all connected to a FileMaker Pro Server fit the bill. The FileMaker Pro photo solution allows the end-user to view and order photos, in an easy to use point and click application. The administration side of the solution allows the operators to store, resize, catalog all the photos, and manage the order process for CDs and printed photos.

Client is VERY happy with FileMaker Pro mini client/server application, sales practically doubled, the flow of those purchasing pictures during the event increased, and processing the images both before and afterwards made all things easier and less labor intensive = savings and more profits.

Neil King, President
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