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CLIENT Langdon Barber Groves
DATE 2003
TAGS Agriculture, Consulting, Database, Design-Development, FileMaker Pro, Fund-Raising, Graphic Design, Integration

To create a single-user, stand-alone system that aids high school bands with their annual fundraiser by selling LBG fruit products. Our client had invested tens of thousands into an existing system, written for Windows only. And there was now demand for a Macintosh version, but they didn’t want to develop and support two separate solutions.

Langdon Barber Groves worked with Excelisys to design the perfect FileMaker Pro fundraising solution, a cross-platform solution using the FileMaker Pro runtime engine. It is deployed by CD-ROM with installers for both Mac and Windows platforms. Their users have varying degrees of computer experience, so we made the interface absolutely simple – incorporating a “power mode” for seasoned users. Consequently, our client received minimal customer support requests. The FileMaker Pro Fundraising Solution tracks their orders, sales, collections and profit. It evens handles drop-shipments. When the user is finished, they can then directly fax their complete order directly from the system to LBG.

Thanks to our FileMaker Pro development services, users enjoyed the simplicity and ease-of-use in the system’s design that allowed them to spend less time on the computer and more time fundraising. LBG subsequently returned to us several times since the initial launch to add new features and conveniences.

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