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“They”, meaning our clients or customers, have taken their valuable time to rate our custom website & database development and support services. We truly appreciate them sharing their honest opinions and eXperience with eXcelisys’ services – We look forward to seeing your eXcelisys review here soon too!

River View Campground
Todd Golebiewski, Owner / Operator
River View Campground & Canoe

Access Association Services, Inc.

Our project started over a decade ago, the "Canoe Tracker" was to be a way to organize our river trip rental operation and move away from clipboards, pencils, and paper. We needed some help organizing our reservations for camping and river trips for over 1500 guests each weekend. We searched for eXisting solutions and found nothing that worked well for our circumstances, so we set off to build our own. We worked together to develop a Filemaker Pro (...)

Majestic Productions
Heath Hunt, VP
Majestic Productions

Majestic Productions

Majestic Productions

Rob and Mark have been very helpful and have tried to do everything that we have asked of them for this project. It has been a long involved process and I feel like I am getting the same attention I was on the day we started.

Access Association Services, Inc.
Tim Dillon
Access Association Services, Inc.

Access Association Services, Inc.

My project was to convert and update a very old FileMaker database from the 1990's into a current format and have it connect with my QuickBooks to bring over selected data necessary for my business.

After searching for eXperts in FileMaker, I contacted Mark and discussed the process. Mark was very professional, no pressure and he helped me select the package for my project.

Kurt was assigned as the project manager and after an initial email (...)

Race Everywhere
Kim Essendrup

Race Everywhere

I had a good experience with eXcelisys.

We started by discussing our business goals, and they gave me advice to move in a different technical direction than what I was thinking, which was definitely the right move. Good team.

New York Wayne County
Matt Burghdorf

Wayne County, NY

The ease of being able to connect with the staff and stay up to date with constant contact means a lot to me. That way I know that they understand what I want and what I am looking for with my website.

Default Avatar75
Ronald Pussell
Redbeard's Book Den

Redbeard's Book Den

Needed to migrate an old FileMaker 6 DBMS into FileMaker 16. Outstanding help and job by Levi to get us back up and running very quickly.

Much thanks to eXcelisys to help us get our needs more than met. Highly recommended company.

Regal Hardwoods
Nolan Luke
Regal Hardwoods

Regal Hardwoods

Before we had our first phone conference with eXcelisys, we were in a tough situation with no solutions. Our previous inventory software was not performing correctly. There were wrong COGS calculations, and the reporting was messy and weak.

After our initial meeting, there was a newfound hope that we could have an inventory system customized for us that could also help us formulate business strategies. About 500 development hours later and a ton of requests to the (...)

The Product Factory

Kurt & David made a really great team for us.

We were looking to fix a completely broken asset tracking system to put something more robust into place.

Some of my ideas were not the most practical and these guys were able to understand what we were ultimately looking for, provide sound advice and deliver on a great product.

Century Group
Sabrina Maharaj

Century Group

Century Group Website Refresh

For this project, I saw eXcelisys as my trusted advisors for problem solving, eXplaining eXtremely technical processes and recommending impactful solutions.

They had a great understanding of WordPress front-end and back-end functionality, and were able to customize several features that will truly enhance the overall user eXperience for our two main target audiences.

California Orthopaedic Specialists

We were looking for new workability and enhancements to our FileMaker Pro data base and had been let down, big time, in the past by several independent contractors.

I had been reticent at first to go with a larger company assuming it would be too costly and my project too small. But from day one, eXcelisys did not disappoint. From my initial call they were patient and helpful. Thereafter, I had a team working for me; a developer who completed all (...)

Best Oil Company / AMSOIL Direct Jobber

We had recently changed host servers for our website, which had been built in WordPress by an IT company for us. We had used another CMS prior to WordPress and did not have much background into how WordPress worked, except for being able to perform routine text and graphic updates.

The new version of WordPress was installed and the site “broke.” I was told by an IT support group I would have to find a developer, since the issues were beyond (...)

FV Recycling
Tim Blackwell
Jones Companies / FV Recycling

FV Recycling

We came to eXcelisys about two years ago after struggling with another FileMaker developer. We had poured money into getting a solution that did not consistently work and continually frustrated our business users. Meanwhile, our company made an acquisition that required business changes and software changes. eXcelisys was able to dive right in and make the necessary changes so we could begin integrating the newly acquired company into our solution and business (...)

Santa Fe Mountain Center

eXcelisys helped our organization become more efficient by helping us with our FileMaker Pro application.

They listened diligently to our needs, goals, and objectives and customized responsive solutions. They helped make what might otherwise be a confusing and frustrating process become simple and streamlined in a way that helped our organization be more effective.

Why do it yourself, if you can leave it to the pros? eXcelisys are the pros!

FMS Health and Safety

Doug has been very helpful throughout the app development process. He responds to my messages in a very quick manner. His communication back and forth is eXcellent. Our GoToMeetings are always successful and organized.

We have come a long way from where we originally started and Doug has been an integral figure in helping spark new ideas to make our company's new app state of the art.

I am very eXcited to see the final product and am very thankful to have (...)

Canberra Corporation

When I first talked to eXcelisys I eXplained to them eXactly what I wanted and they didn't try to oversell me or try to convince me of things we didn't need. They were honest with what needed to be done and they fulfilled all of their promises in a timely manner.

I will definitely reach out to them in the future for any maintenance we may need on our web sites.

Mona Farley
California Association of College Stores

California Association of College Stores

I needed to upgrade from one outdated FileMaker 7 to the latest version. Rick Middleton, Kurt Knippel & Simone MacLeod did it!

Rick was right on top of the project immediately looking at the scope of work & setting up the timeline. He then assigned Kurt as contact & project manager with Simone immediately looking at the old program and adopting to the new version. This was done efficiently within a few days time while they were attending a (...)

Axiom Consulting Partners

The team is an integral part of maintaining our external presence.

The project we work together on is the ongoing maintenance of our WordPress website, which is our most important marketing tool and one that is constantly evolving, sometimes by our own pace of updates and sometimes with regards to necessary and important changes and updates that affect is functionality and security.

The eXcelisys team functions seamlessly together and with our firm's (...)

Endoscopy Repair Specialist, Inc.

We have been very pleased with the service and overall eXperience.

Our developer has been awesome. Very prompt with responses and solutions. Still getting minor bugs out, but overall our system is running as we anticipated.

Default Avatar75
Kyle Fanning
Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

As I introduced the vision of a, "paperless business" to an organization with over 50 years of paperback history, the odds were against me.

I have been teamed together with Doug West, a professional and extremely intelligent individual, whom has helped in every way. Together, we were able to build our virtual management system that monitors near every part of our business here at Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

Professionalism, courtesy, and knowledgeable (...)

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Kurt Kippel and Duane Weller always provide speedy and eXcellent service. They always respond to requests in a short time and are happy to provide ongoing guidance and assistance.

They are friendly and efficient. They have worked hard to provide assistance and have been patient and supportive with our staff all of whom are not particularly tech savvy. The service is a bit eXpensive for us, but we have judged the value to be high nonetheless, and I do (...)

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