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“They”, meaning our clients or customers, have taken their valuable time to rate our custom website & database development and support services. We truly appreciate them sharing their honest opinions and eXperience with eXcelisys’ services – We look forward to seeing your eXcelisys review here soon too!

Dennis Kutzen
Kutz, inc

Kutz, inc

The people at eXcelisys knew what I wanted better than I did. Often offering methods and features I hadn't thought of.

Very flexible, quick, easy to work with. And most surprisingly, each build was bug free.

Raison D'être Bakery

After going through another consultant for a “cheaper” price, we found out that the cheaper price was short in reliability and quality.

eXcelisys’ BizTracker database allowed us to purchase a proven product which they customized to our needs. Doug helped us to work through all our issues and provide us with something that will increase productivity and save us time and money.

Without Doug’s expertise, we would be lost. When our business expands, we will (...)

Jason Soderberg

Creganna Medical

It has been a few years working with eXcelisys. They have been able to help with several upgrades to the scheduling portion of our system.

We had the dashboard updated and several security changes. Each update was done quickly and accurately. The eXcelisys team does not hesitate to get you on a call to clarify a need.

I enjoy working with eXcelisys and look forward to doing so in the future!

Default Avatar75
Reginald Barnes

Reginald Barnes

I needed two reports from two databases. I sent eXcelisys my specifications and they responded on a timely basis to complete the projects.

In both cases I needed small changes to their initial solutions which they implemented quickly. I used both solutions for several years until I needed a small change in one of the reports. They suggested that the change was easy and that they could teach me how to do it in case I needed similar future changes.

It worked like a (...)

Pink Ink Art
Emily Meyer
Emcodia, Inc.

Emcodia, Inc.

The team at eXcelisys is more than amazing! Their experience and knowledge are unsurpassed.

After moving files from one computer to a new one over 6000 image references were broken. They know the right questions to ask and had the right answers for mine. My problem is now resolved. I would have had to resort to a clunky workaround but now my workflow is even more efficient than before.

Very, very pleased. Doug and Andy are top notch!! I would recommend working with (...)

Jaime Michael

Lannan Foundation

I have had the pleasure of working with eXcelisys, specifically Ken, on multiple FileMaker Pro projects. The eXperience has been great.

We have taken old and tired Access databases and turned them into usable and accessible FMP databases! And when I say we, I mean I get to ask for what I want and the Ken part of "we" makes it happen!

I without hesitation recommend eXcelisys!!

Marielle Tanner
Marielle Tanner

360 Cloud Solutions

Doug even went above and beyond to walk me through basic maintenance of our site and even offered for me to shadow him for a short time so I could learn more about basic WordPress, as this was my first time using WordPress at all. I now feel confident in maintaining our site and I have a great resource to turn to if all else fails.

After we successfully updated the homepage of our website, we had another project that we needed help with: a custom built template (...)

Durrance & Associates
Leslie Durrance
Durrance & Associates

Durrance & Associates

Ken is amazing! He is always there for me to answer questions and make adjustments.

He was prompt and attentive to my needs and available to speak to me to clarify my needs and issues to get it right!!

Thank you Ken!

Texas Association of Community Schools

eXcelisys told me exactly what they would do and they got FileMaker Pro back to working.

I am on a very tight budget and they are honest with their hours and labor. They are proficient in FileMaker Pro.

I will continue to keep them on contract. They are eXcellent!

Tiffany Waters
Tiffany Waters

Hama Hama Co.

We have been incredibly pleased with eXcelisys' efficiency and eXpertise.

As a small shellfish company, any redundancies can be incredibly costly. Before eXcelisys, we were entering in shellfish orders twice - once when receiving an order from a chef in order to print shellfish tags and track the order in our wet storage database, and then a second time in QuickBooks to issue an invoice. Ken was able to link our FileMaker Pro database to QuickBooks so that we can (...)

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Jill Soukup

Soukup Studios

My system is on the simple side as I am a one-man shop. It's helping me organize my work/inventory, contacts, selling venues and any activities that intersect the two. It's doing everything I could ask for.

I appreciate a company willing to help a small potato business such as mine. Getting help setting up a custom system has been invaluable. The staff has been knowledgeable, friendly, patient (with a non-tech kind of person) and all-around great to work with.

Tony Stavros
Tony Stavros
Facilitec West

Facilitec West

I have been using eXcelisys for a few years now and have been very satisfied with their work and results on my FileMaker database.

Basecamp had proved very effective at initiating problems or projects and keeping track of progress. Ken has been easy to reach and always quick to react and respond to questions and inquiries.

I am happy to be their customer and recommend and endorse the company to others.

Beginning Experience

The 'translation' process has gone very smoothly - from my eXplaining what it is I want to their being able to recommend and eXplain what I should use.

They are helping my nonprofit refurbish our website. We are changing from an outdated version of Joomla to using WordPress, for various reasons. This is a complex project based on the different groups of people whom we need to be accessing the website - from the public, to donors, to the members of our various (...)

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Steve Lehman
TSmart, LLC

TSmart, LLC

I have been a FileMaker developer for 20 years. The solution named, "Connect," I started making 6 months ago needed expertise beyond mine. Ken, an eXcelisys developer, and my technical hero, has added the necessary final touches necessary to take Connect to the market place.

Thank You Ken and the entire eXcelysis team for your eXpertise and your professionalism. I could not have done it without eXcelysis!

Coastal Carolinas Integrated Medicine

I first hired eXcelisys to take over a web site I had built locally and then had terrible service and was unresponsive. They were able to obtain the credentials from the previous hosting site and set it up new so I could have them maintain the site.

They have since implemented security upgrades for PayPal and integrated into the store page of our commercial web site.

I particularly like the ability to buy packages of hours and bank them for (...)

Leo Meyer
Leo Meyer

ASAP Aquatics

eXcelisys has helped us build a fantastic site where our clients can access service information and images taken from our large company database.

Designing the site’s functionality was truly a collaborative process, and the eXcelisys staff did a great job implementing our feedback into the project. Their staff’s knowledge of FileMaker, MirrorSync, and WordPress made development a breeze.

Once the project was finished, they wasted no time in taking it live along with (...)

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

eXcelysis was invaluable when it came to re-designing our website in addition to all of the extra “work arounds” they had to create in order for our membership platform, “Your Membership”, to work seamlessly with WordPress.

We could not have done it as quickly or as proficiently without Fred Morgan and the eXcelisys team. They are by far the best IT company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

ChartLogic (Medsphere Systems)

I was introduced to eXcelisys by my NetSuite development partner 360 Cloud Solutions. We are developing a plugin that connects WordPress to NetSuite. Fred Morgan has been a great asset and always makes himself available for any questions. The NetSuite WordPress plugin development by Fred is always done on time and usually ahead of schedule.

The only thing I don’t like about eXcelisys is the fact you have to prepay hours.

Linda L. Kondler
Linda L. Kondler
Kondler & Associates, CPAs

Kondler & Associates, CPAs

In a matter of a short time eXcelisys assigned an IT tech to my project, they contacted me and the work began immediately. We received professional treatment from start to finish.

In addition to our WordPress not working properly after an update from Go Daddy, the IT tech also fixed a few more issues he had seen on his own. I had the ability to access a portal page through their company to track the work as they progressed.

Thank you eXcelisys, for the (...)

Matt Stemmley
Matt Stemmley
Cinema Camera Rentals

Cinema Camera Rentals

As the rental manager for Cinema Camera Rentals I could see what this business needed to move forward but unfortunately lacked the necessary skills to build a system that would work for us. Thankfully, I was able to transfer my vision to the team at eXcelisys who could to take my ideas, add some of their own, and build a fully customized FileMaker Pro database solution that would be able to streamline day to day operations of the business.

I am very thankful (...)

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