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CLIENT TRW Innovations, LLC
DATE 2011
TAGS CSS, Database, Design-Development, Desktop Solutions, eX-BizTracker, FileMaker Pro, Graphic Design, HTML, Integration, MySQL, Paypal, PHP, Retail-Sales, Web Applications, Web Database Integration, Websites, WordPress

Project Description

About TRW Innovations, LLC
TRW Innovations, LLC is a family-owned part-time business who sell, designed and manufacture the SnowPusherLite (, a wide lightweight light-snow removal shovel.

Needed inventory and sales tracking software for their part-time home-based business of manufacturing and selling the SnowPusher series of shovels. The client had limited availability to tend to their business and with the triple increase in business their current manual methods for tracking sales and inventory in Excel and Word were proving to be very inadequate and thus they were losing track of sales. They would have to refresh their customer list by manually downloading the data from PayPal once a month. They also needed custom web design services to create a new website to showcase their product and allow online-ordering.

eX-BizTracker 3 modification (FileMaker Pro Jump-Start solution). Direct importing of order details from PayPal through a button on the Home screen (web service integration). Created shipment and label retrieving from UPS (web service integration). Developed an inventory management system in 2 locations for both parts and assemblies. Components (parts) and assemblies are collected and shipped together in the boxes to fulfill the orders (“Complete Blade” in screenshot includes blade, metal edge, and squeegee. Blade, metal edge, and squeegee can also be purchased separately as replacement parts.) Website – Set up, configure, design and integrate a new website and web-application using a WordPress template.

99.9% accuracy on orders and order processing, better track of supplies, better ability of sending out replacement parts, true inventory control of parts, and faster sales fulfillment. Less time and effort to run their part-time business, made it truly once again a part-time business. This client also has a very special place in our hearts, she was diagnosed with cancer and passed on towards the end of development. We will miss you Deb, and we look forward to helping your family continue your efforts!

Tom Westman, Owner
Phone: 248-701-8911
Email: twestman at comcast dot net

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