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CRM, Inventory, Invoicing & More — the eX-BizTracker Tackles Everything for Your Business’ Core

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Years ago, we spotted a trend. Businesses really, really wanted custom software at out-of-the-box prices. We understood the dilemma. The available, off-the-shelf business management apps fit most businesses’ budgets, but never fit their needs. So they were stuck. To build or to buy? Build it (at a higher price) and get eXactly what they wanted, or buy something (cheaper) and deal with the workarounds and missing must-have features essential for their organization’s success. We knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we created a semi-custom software solution: the eXcelisys BizTracker. The eX-BizTracker is a jump-start FileMaker Pro template that comes pre-built with the basic features and functions most businesses need.

It’s perfect for those seeking a feature-rich business-management app for the goods and services they sell. The eX-BizTracker is a robust customer relationship management system that handles inventory control, order processing (with kitting!), vendors, invoicing, quoting, billing, POs, shipping and receiving.

Instead of starting development from scratch, you get to start in the middle. Start with our pre-built FileMaker business solution template, then build on it to get what you want. It’s the best of both worlds. Part ready-made; part custom.

“The eX-BizTracker comes pre-built with 75 to 85% of the features most small businesses need,” said eXcelisys VP and Solutions Services Consultant Rick Middleton. “What’s left is the fun part — to customize it and make it theirs.”

The NEW & IMPROVED eX-BizTracker 6; It’s bigger, it’s badder, and it’s better than ever!

Why All the Fuss? We didn’t just freshen the app by slapping a new, metaphorical coat of paint on it. We dug in and made some shiny little changes that look subtle, but in reality, provide hidden luxuries for users and developers. The BT6 is in prime shape to be shaped into what you need it to do — more quickly and cost-effectively than ever!

“We took into account user behavior to shape the product so it meets the needs and matches the behavior of those who use it,” said Doug West, eXcelisys VP for product development. “A lot of thought went into this even though visually it looks like no big deal. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that will save development time and money. We are positioning the tool to be much more adaptable to a wide variety of business needs.”

How did we make this semi-custom software solution more chameleon-like? We redesigned the screens and layouts to be more flexible and adaptable so business-specific requirements can be added with less development time. Likewise, display regions on the app aren’t locked in, making them more flexible to accommodate modifications. Yes, the old eX-BizTracker was completely adaptable — but sometimes not so efficiently. Now, we’ve taken care of that!

  • CRM – keep track of “customers” (individuals, companies or organizations); allows for multiple addresses and contact methods for each, as well as activity logs, reminders and email (Customers are your lifeblood; get a CRM that works for you!)
  • Orders – with barcoding and kitting, allowing you to “bundle” products
  • Vendors – track the companies, people and/or places you get products, parts and services from
  • POs/Bills
  • Products – track goods, services and fees
  • Receiving
  • Reports – generates exportable documents — PDFs — based on user needs: accounts payable/receivable, inventory, profit/loss, back orders, etc., with graph and chart options

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What They’re Saying about this Semi-Custom Software Solution

Since its inception, the eX-BizTracker has left a trail of happy customers. Cinema Camera Rentals needed an inventory management app and used the eX-BizTracker as the base app, adding customizations to take it to the next level. “This approach helped me the most from a time standpoint,” said Cinema Camera rental manager Matt Stemmley. “Instead of dedicating the energy to figure out how I wanted the system to be laid out, I instead hit the ground running on envisioning functionality.”

BizTracker6 Invoice

Sample invoice from eX-BizTracker modification for Cinema Camera Rentals

Likewise, Birnn Chocolates of Vermont utilized the eX-BizTracker for a semi-custom software solution. The chocolatier needed to manage the production process, order fulfillment and lot-tracking for FDA compliance. Birnn Chocolates owner Mel Fields liked the fact that he could play around with the pre-built eX-BizTracker to get a feel for the app, which allowed him to zero in on modifications needed to match his workflow. “Being able to demo was essential for being able to pull the trigger and make the decision,” said Fields.

What are the Benefits of Using the eX-BizTracker?

Cost deflation. For those who need only the bare essentials, this semi-custom software solution can be used “as-is.” Input your data and go. Most businesses, however, usually choose a few small changes because they know it will have a big impact on their end-users. Our eXperienced FileMaker developers can quickly customize it to meet your needs.

Customization. Unlike its prepackaged software cousins, the eX-BizTracker can be tweaked so you can make it do eXactly what you need it to do. “That’s the biggest selling point,” said eXcelisys Solutions Services Consultant Laura Vie. “The basic features are complete, allowing you to start that much farther down the road with development so you can add the very specific workflows of your business into the solution.” This semi-customization design means that in the end, you get a product that meets the unique requirements of your business. No more workarounds.

Integration. Plays well with other third-party solutions like Xero Accounting, QuickBooks, SalesForce, FedEx , UPS, and PayPal. Can integrate with WooCommerce or WordPress to manage online ordering. Can also be configured to pass information back and forth with cloud solutions or SQL Servers.

Reputation. This semi-custom software solution has been maturing since 2004, when eXcelisys created the original FileMaker® Business Tracker for Claris International (formerly FileMaker Inc.). A free, popular template, the FileMaker® Business Tracker has enjoyed more than 250K downloads. Since then, eXcelisys has been refining the GUI, code underpinnings, and feature sets with each new edition.

BizTracker6 icons

We look at the most common customizations and features our clients request and add them in. Using this constant feedback loop, we upgrade the eX-BizTracker with each new edition — that’s why we added kitting a while back. Version 6.0 includes QuickBooks integration! That’s also why we redesigned the screens and layouts with BT6 — for more flexibility to adapt the product to meet unique business needs.

What Industries Rely on the eX-BizTracker?

We’ve made eX-BizTracker modifications for many industries, including:

  • Agribusiness
  • Appraisal Firms
  • Auto parts distribution
  • Builders/general contractors/construction
  •  eCommerce sales
  • Food & beverage (production & distribution)
  • Health care
  • Higher education
  • Imports & distribution
  • Insurance
  • Laboratory research
  • Lawn care
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing & engineering
  • Medical equipment repair
  • Nonprofit & volunteering
  • Pest control
  • Property management
  • Retail sales
  • Salon management
  • Safety management
  • Services industry
  • Veterinary management
  • And the list goes on!

Who Uses this Semi-Custom Software Solution

eXcelisys has had the pleasure of tweaking the eX-BizTracker to manage operations for many businesses. You may be surprised at all of the places it pops up. Christmas lights. Yep, the eX-BizTracker manages global operations for Christmas Northeast/ Nicolas Holiday – the sole manufacturer of all GE-branded holiday lighting products. Flooring. Regal Hardwoods uses the eX-BizTracker, as does SnowPusherLite, a company that makes innovative snow-“pushing” tools. AQI Services uses it to staff and schedule sign language interpreters and Kutz, Inc., uses it to manage its video-editing business. The eX-BizTracker also handles thermowell and thermocouple production for STI Manufacturing. The eX-BizTracker also brings bliss to operations at Crystal Vaults, an eCommerce store that sells healing crystals. As you can see, this business management app can be customized to pretty much do anything!

Check it Out! Reduce your development costs and increase the quality of what you get. Request a demo of the eX-BizTracker today!

Still not convinced? Read about how Crystal Vaults owner Hank Mason found bliss with the eX-BizTracker, using it to manage operations at his metaphysical supply shop.

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