One of these things is not like the others … One of these things is in a class of its own

The Excelsior. It’s a tank, a rugby club, a Federation starship, a brewing company … and now, a digital “get-out-of-jail” card for New Yorkers. Launched this week, the Excelsior Pass is a mobile app that allows gate-keepers to verify a customer’s COVID-19 vaccination status prior to entering a people-populated place. Flash the pass and you, too, can re-enter society from the fringes of sci-fi-solation.

Excelsior. Excelsior. Oft-uttered by the super-hoaxer P.T. Barnum and serving as New York State’s official motto, Latin for “ever upward.” Here, at eXcelisys, we provide our customers with database solutions and web app fusions that take their businesses ever upward.

By now, you’re probably scratching your head and figuring out that you’ve landed in the wrong place. Excelsior. eXcelisys. Tomato. Tomahto.

No, we’re not related to the Excelsior Software Company or the Excelsior Pass. Type “excelsior” into the search bar and you get 57,500,000 results. So many excelsiors, but only one eXcelisys.

We get the confusion. We’ve got mad development skills. We coulda built an application called the “eXcelisys Pass” to eXtract data on a user’s vaccination status or recent PCR/antigen test, but no one bothered to ask.

But we coulda. That’s the kind of thing we do. We help our customers take data from here and send it there (securely!). Just as the Excelsior Pass Wallet App queries a database to retrieve the user’s vaccination status and return the results, we’ve built tons of apps and databases that do the same thing. (Check out our blog to learn more.) We’re also into phone apps, like the Milcarb App we built to send CO2 tank data right to the phones of beverage-gas distributors so they don’t have to drive all over the earth to physically check the tanks at the restaurants they service. Oh, we build iPad apps, too.

We could go on and on, but you get the picture. Databases, web apps, websites, WordPress, FileMaker, PHP, AWS IoT, we’ve got it!

As tech companies across the globe scramble to cash in on the digital vaccine passport craze, building apps with Frankensteinian abilities, we’re here for you – the real guys, running real businesses in need of real software solutions.

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