FileMaker Inc. Rebrands as Claris International

Looking Toward the Future, Software Company Revives Name From Past


Names change. Google started out as Back Rub and Yahoo! was originally known as Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web. And FileMaker Inc.? That’s so old-fashioned. Last week, during FileMaker’s annual Developer Conference – AKA DevCon ’19 – the company announced it was going back to its roots, changing its name from FileMaker Inc. to Claris International.

FileMaker Inc. changes name to Claris International

Anyone remember Claris? Back in the 1980s, Claris was an Apple spin-off responsible for creating software like MacDraw, MacWrite and FileMaker Pro. In the 1990s, Apple brought its Mac software back in-house and rebranded Claris as FileMaker Inc., letting the subsidiary continue on as its own database software company. Over the past two decades, FileMaker Pro has grown into a leading Workplace Innovation Platform for custom app-building.

At eXcelisys, FileMaker Pro is just one of the tools we use to bring custom database solutions and web applications to life. While FileMaker Inc. is changing its name, the FileMaker product will retain its brand name and signature style. In other words, the FileMaker rebrand and name change will not affect the product itself and eXcelisys will continue to utilize the FileMaker Platform because we love its robust capabilities.

In publicizing the change, FileMaker Inc./Claris International announced the acquisition of the Italian startup Stamplay, which is known for its cloud development and API-based backend development solutions. 

With the rebranding and acquisition, Claris International has launched Claris Connect, a new cloud service offering that will complement FileMaker Pro by helping developers integrate cloud services and automate workflows between them. At eXcelisys, we are eager to dig into Claris Connect because it will help our clients. With Claris Connect, we will be able to integrate cloud services like Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, etc., with less development time.

Here at eXcelisys, we look forward to the future and the new opportunities these changes will bring in helping us eXpand our capacity to serve clients with the most innovative, mission critical solutions around!


A Message About the FileMaker Name Change From Claris International CEO Brad Freitag

When I accepted the position as FileMaker CEO, I knew we had a massive opportunity in front of us – not just as a company, but as a community. Digital transformation, which we define as automating workflows and processes, is changing the nature of work. I knew we could make a tremendous impact on enabling problem solvers in this new era of technology.

I joined FileMaker in 2013 as Vice President of America’s Sales. At that time, FileMaker was transitioning from a single-user box product to a subscription model. There was a huge investment in mobile and we were trying to figure out how to scale for the Cloud.

Our goal was to make technology easier to use and more accessible without limiting the imaginations of our talented developers or the sophistication of their applications.

Since that time, the world has caught up with our vision. The ability to develop powerful software that solves clear problems within a business or industry has only become more valuable. The economy is going to be defined by the companies that harness technologies to transform the way they work. At the same time, the supply of web, mobile and app developers have not kept up with the demand.

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FileMaker Reborn as Claris

Acquisition of Stamplay leads to new cloud service offering for community of more than 1M users

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – [August 6, 2019] – Today at their 24th annual DevCon, FileMaker, Inc., maker of the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform, unveiled the start of a new chapter in the company’s history as Claris International Inc.

In addition, the company announced its acquisition of Stamplay, a service that helps businesses of all sizes integrate data from third-party cloud services such as Box, DocuSign, and others into their apps. Claris has fully integrated this service and unveiled a new offering, Claris Connect. This service will provide customers with an intuitive interface for automating workflows across cloud-based services, saving them from the task of building custom-built, backend integrations. The Claris Connect team will continue to be led by former Stamplay CEO, Giuliano Iacobelli.

“Claris stems from the Latin root ‘clarus,’ which means ‘clear, bright and shining,’” said Brad Freitag, Claris CEO. “Nothing better encapsulates the company’s mission: to empower the problem-solver with smart solutions that work for their business. By extending the reach of our platform as a modern, multi-faceted, and powerful merger of on-premises custom apps and third-party services, our customers can streamline their business processes across the cloud services that they use every day.”

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