When We Say, “Made in the USA,” We Mean, “Made in the USA” — Our Development Team is 100% Pure American Ingenuity & Innovation in Action


A message from our founder:

As companies across the United States work to reshore jobs and #americanmuscle hashtags eXplode all over social media, I wanted to take a moment to get clear about the way we do things here at eXcelisys, where our development team has been – and will always be – firmly rooted in the USA.

As a U.S.-based custom web, mobile, desktop-app database development company with NO overseas IT-outsourcing, we applaud and support businesses that keep their workers here, in the good ole U.S. of A. Sure, we’ve received multiple offers from firms wanting to match us with “low-cost offshore developers” who could replace our stateside staff to reduce costs and optimize earnings. But no, we won’t do that because we understand that low costs often come with a high price.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” ~ Ben Franklin

The eXcelisys philosophy is to source our consulting and development talent from America’s stateside innovators. Polls indicate that two-thirds of Americans prefer products “Made in the USA” – and software solutions shouldn’t be any different.

There are many benefits to investing in U.S.-made goods and services. Consider:

  • Worker eXploitation. Foreign labor standards and cultures permit poor salaries and working conditions. When you hire American you support American families and American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws. No, we can’t compete with countries willing to eXploit and cheat their own people, but when you buy American, you insist on a higher standard.
  • Lost jobs. When the work goes abroad it rarely returns. When you buy goods and services produced in the U.S., you help keep the American economy growing.
  • Innovative capacity. When production leaves the U.S., we lose our engineering and production know-how, along with our design and product development skills. Innovation has been the backbone of America. After all, we’ve been churning out badass technology since the 18th century (consider the lightbulb, telephone, personal computer, weed whacker and microwave popcorn). We need R&D and manufacturing to feed our economic ecosystem for a strong future—a strong America.
  • Dependence on foreign suppliers. When you seek out U.S.-based goods and services, you foster American independence. Recent supply-chain holdups and empty store shelves prove the point that we need to keep products and production at home. We don’t want access to vital goods impacted by political conflicts, and we don’t want to be dependent on nations that don’t share our values or political systems.
  • Super-sized trade deficits. When a nation imports more than it eXports, its trade deficit grows, leading to massive, unsustainable borrowing from other countries (i.e., DEBT).

When it comes to web apps, e-commerce sites, and database and software development, the benefit to hiring U.S. developers multiplies.


  • Cybersecurity. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology) lays out standards to mitigate cybersecurity risks. With overseas developers, there is no guarantee that critical safety and code development standards will be followed. Be sure to vet companies that are based in the states to ensure they don’t outsource parts of your project overseas. It’s not unheard of for malicious developers to hold websites or site data ransom with back-door hacks. Pro tip: When you give someone access to your server, vet them well and only open permissions for the minimum amount required for the work to be completed.
  • Consumer protection. When you hire U.S. developers, you can rest easy, knowing that U.S. consumer protection laws are in place to protect you. Ever try to litigate overseas?
  • CultureOur eXperience in working with other U.S.-based businesses across a variety of industries gives us an edge in making recommendations and guiding the effort. Outsourced (i.e., overseas) developers tend to do eXactly what you ask and nothing more. If you don’t know what to ask for (or what possibilities eXist), then the outcome will inevitably fall short of the goal.
  • Location & time zone. At eXcelisys, we cover the USA from sea to shining sea, available to our customers across the spectrum of North American business hours. With multiple development centers across the states, we cover all “normal” business hours, as well as early and later “after-hours” situations. Got a 6 p.m. East Coast issue? It’s only 3 p.m. in Vegas.
    • eXcelisys Headquarters – South Bend, IN
    • East Coast Development Center – Warrensburg, NY
    • West Coast Development Center – Las Vegas, NV

At eXcelisys, Our Web App & Database Development Runs on USA Brainpower

So get out there and be a citizen consumer. When you buy American, you keep local businesses strong and support domestic jobs and local communities. We need to keep jobs here and keep our people working so future generations will be able to find relevant, solid-paying jobs on their own soil. Buy American to keep your friends and neighbors – and even yourself—earning a living wage and living the American dream.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and chew on the ideas. Meanwhile, have a happy summer enjoying all this land has to offer from sea to shining sea. I’ll see you out there, as I’ll be spending my summer vacation in a Winnebago, traveling the U.S. scenic byways with my family. What’s more American than that?!?

In closing, I’d like to wish you a happy 4th of July — may yours be filled with family, friends and fun!