The Next Generation of the FileMaker Pro Progress Bar Using base64

After we posted the FileMaker Pro 13 Progress Bar demo file using a base64 image last December, one frequent request we received was for a way to have the FileMaker progress bar change color based on its percentage. For example, changing from green to yellow to red as the percentage increased.

This FileMaker Pro 13 Progress Bar demo file adds that feature. It replaces the foreground_color parameter with a steps parameter that takes a return-delimited list of values. Each line should have a number between 0 and 100 indicating the percentage threshold, followed by a space and then the corresponding color in base64. The values should be sorted by threshold, ascending. The FileMaker Pro Progress Bar demo file includes an interface to help you build the steps parameter.

The ProgressBar() custom function loops through the lines in steps, comparing the progress value with the threshold value and stopping at the first one that is equal to or higher than progress. It then parses out the corresponding color value and finishes calculating the graphic using the same technique as the original FileMaker Pro Progress Bar file.

This can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to progress bars, such as status indicators, bar graphs and even as simple background colors that can be set programmatically (just set progress to zero and the background color to your choice. The final parameter would be left blank.).

Enjoy this FileMaker/base64 trick!

FileMaker Pro Progress Bar

Download Progress Bar Advanced Here

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