Setting Portal Color using FileMaker® Pro

Here is a little FileMaker Pro Tip and Trick… Have you tried setting the color or opacity of your portal object only to find that it doesn’t seem to take? That happened to me and it took looking at the CSS to realize that while my Portal object was set to clear, the portal row was set to opaque white. FileMaker portal background colors are controlled by 7 different styles: the portal (normal, hover, pressed, in focus), the portal row (normal, alternate, active). Each of those can have a separate color fill and opacity.

To adjust them, select the portal in layout mode and open the inspector panel if it’s not open already. In the Appearance tab right below the Theme and style selections are 2 pop up menus. Selecting either the portal or portal row in the first and its state in the next, you can set the color and opacity and line options for each state.

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