FileMaker Pro Progress Bars, chapter 5: Gantt-Man

By Andy Persons

In which nothing can Bar our intrepid code from Progressing to Uncharted territory!

We received an interesting variety of responses to our FileMaker Pro Progress Bars demo files. Can you make it show an image for the foreground? How about an animated gif? It’s too blurry; can you sharpen it up? Any chance it can do my taxes?

One of the requests that piqued our interest was the ability to have the foreground color appear in the middle of the bar. That is, to be able to specify a background color segment, then a foreground color, then a background color.

Sure, we could do that, but why stop with a ham sandwich when you can throw a luau?

So we donned our grass skirts and created the ability to generate FileMaker Gantt charts. This FileMaker Pro progress bars demo file showcases our GanttChart() custom function that allows you to specify an unlimited number of segments via a return-delimited list. Each line in the list should specify a percentage (where the segment begins) and the color of the segment (in base64; don’t worry, we also provided a tool to convert from RGB colors to base64).

Of course, this custom function could also be used for a host of other purposes, including:

  • Stacked bar charts
  • Dynamic interface elements, where the ability to specify the color on the fly is crucial (since FileMaker Pro’s styling doesn’t allow for that).
  • Possibly even bar codes, although we haven’t tested that one

Also, remember you can rotate elements in FileMaker Pro, in case you wanted to use this vertically.

Oh and we decided to throw in the autofocus as well by upgrading the base graphic from 100 pixels to 1000. This should eliminate the blurred edges that some users experienced when they expanded the container to very large sizes.

Download the demo file and give it a whirl!

FileMaker Pro Gnatt Chart

Hope you enjoyed this FileMaker tip!

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