Getting Rid of Paper-based Processes using the FileMaker Platform

More businesses today are seeking alternatives to legacy paper-based processes. Companies of all sizes are moving from paper to electronic records, replacing photocopiers with iPads, reducing storage costs, and severely improving data collection time and accuracy with efficient solutions that automate and empower their local and mobile teams. With the FileMaker Platform, solutions can be built to custom fit your needs. From document management to job site inspections, learn how FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go can be applied to solve just about any paper-based process and be securely shared wherever you go. Join us for a one-hour FileMaker Webinar featuring Doug West and the team from Excelisys.

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In this FileMaker Webinar, Excelisys shows off 4 clients and how we had some fun making their day-to-day paper-pushing pains become lean-mean models of efficiency!

Ascend Aviation – Ascend Performance Materials dabbles in high-quality chemicals, fibers, and plastics. Products used in a variety of applications from oven bags for cooking your holiday turkey, to textiles for military and industrial clothing. We worked with Brian who is the head pilot at their charter flight service, Ascend Aviation, to convert these paper forms used for recording detailed flight expenses such as fuel consumption and purchase price, payment methods, landing fees, ramp fees, parking fees, and catering costs. They also collected crew expenses for hotel, meals, and rental cars when the crew would have to spend the night on a trip. Now this is all handled dynamically, real-time through an iPad – including dynamic itineraries, pilot assignments, and no longer having to print out gazillions of passenger manifests! HOLY TREE SAPLING SAVINGS!

McConnell’s Ice Cream – a maker of fine ice creams made with local, sustainable and organic raw ingredients sourced from partner farms, artisans, and purveyors that they’ve worked with for 65 years. With several various locations in California serving the public through Scoop Shops, McTruck, McCarts (hope the clown doesn’t get a frown!), and catering. Tracked orders in QuickBooks, but were looking to streamline their local deliveries and ordering. Needed a mobile solution that was very similar to their current paper-based order taking-delivery model, wouldn’t require much retraining, would solve the problem of new ice-cream product not being on the old forms and old product that was no longer available still on the old forms that needed to come off. Reduce the need for paper-pushing, tallying, & reporting. Created an E-Form that feeds directly into and from QB – and based on inventory and product offering the E-Form is dynamic to/from QB! WYSIWYG E-Forms based on what they decide is available for ordering or delivery! POW-ZING!

S&G Seeds – Established in 1918, they contract production of various seeds from grower to shipment across the midwest. Early Producer of Hybrid Corn in 1930’s. Now operated by 3rd and 4th generation families.Wanted to move paper-based inventory management and fulfillment to a more automated solution. Too much waste and no validation of business rules. Sloppy penmanship would cause mistakes of misplaced orders, inventory count issues, and a disconnect between warehouse and back office. Yeah, we fixed that. Instead of 2-3 days for paperwork – now it happens within minutes and hours! BOOM BABY!

Penny Newman Grain – In business for over 135 years with locations in California, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. Offer dealer support in the liquid feed division handling more than 2 Million gallons of liquid storage for dairies in California. Never would have guessed that feeding cows was such a complicated process, well it can be! If you’re a dairy farmer wanting optimal growth and milk production for your moo-moo cows, this requires precise amounts of sweet & bitter feed. Mixing in with the existing or leftover liquid feed requires yet another change to formulas and more math calculations. Lots of math errors, bad tasting feed, and the dealers were getting impatient with the time-consuming manual-mutilated-wood-pulp process and complicated math stuff. So we made it into an easy point and click GUI with all the math done in the back-end. On-the-fly tool that will tell how much will be needed and then how much was used – which then gets back to the mother-ship solution eventually for like WAY better reporting. When they showed this to their dealers – BAZINGA! They just knocked their stuff up and away from their competitors!

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