FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-nTrick: Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro 13 Audit Trail

There are many ways to implement audit logs in FileMaker Pro 13, but I’m always on the lookout for the method with the least overhead. If you don’t need separate records in another table for every field change, then you can keep track of field changes using FileMaker 13’s new Get(ModifiedFields) command and the following:

  1. A custom function to handle the heavy-lifting
  2. A text field to call the custom function and store our change log
  3. A script step to set a list of ignored field names in a script that runs when the file opens
  4. A modification timestamp field to trigger the log

There’s a good chance that you already have a modification timestamp in your solutions, and the field to store the log itself would be required with any approach. So that means our “overhead” is limited to one custom function and one script step. That makes it quite easy to implement this FileMaker Pro 13 audit trail in any solution.

OK, so maybe that was a little too easy! The only problem I’ve found with this approach is that the initial values entered on a new record won’t get tracked unless we commit the record right after it’s created. This file has a custom menu set to override the New Record menu command with a script to take care of this nuance for us. If you already script the new record creation process in your solution, then you can incorporate this additional step into your existing script(s).

What do you think about our FileMaker Pro audit trail solution? Can we make this any easier while maintaining the simplicity, performance, and flexibility?

FileMaker Pro Audit Trail

Download Demo File

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