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CLIENT Gibson Insurance
DATE 2015
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About Gibson Insurance:
Gibson Insurance, in addition to being an experienced insurance brokerage firm, takes pride in their risk management advisory and consulting services. This is where they help clients identify exposures, minimize the likelihood of a loss, reduce the impact if one occurs, and adhere to safety regulations.

Before coming to eXcelisys, the initial assessment of a client’s work environment would bring a Gibson consultant to their site, who would then scour the premises and take pictures and notes. After the visit, he would go back to the office to print out the images and assemble a formal report based on the information gathered.

Depending on the size of the client’s facility and amount of issues found, a common 25 to 30 page written document would take several days to put together. It included pictures manually marked up with notes and arrows to point out the exact areas of concern, references to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules, and recommended fixes or alterations. The report was then either hand-delivered or snail-mailed to the client, who would now know where to make any necessary improvements.

Common issues included the time spent on printing pictures, marking them up with notes, and assembling the report; actually locating that gem for reference a year or two later during the next workplace evaluation; and probably most importantly, the sheer fact that clients today expect automation. No one wants to flip pages, or scribble and try to decipher hand written notes!

We worked with Gibson to build a FileMaker Pro solution that together with FileMaker Go, would allow consultants to record all information on an iPad during their risk assessment process while out in the field. During their client visits they now take pictures with the tablet, quickly move those images into the report template and add easily identifiable notes and recommendations on the same page as the picture. All information is recorded and stored on the iPad and synced with FileMaker Pro at the next remote WiFi connected location or back at the office.

The creation and delivery of the report have sped up quite a bit with the use of our risk assessment app! Presentation documents are electronically cataloged allowing consultants to take their iPad and pull up any report for any client at any time from one single location. If anything should happen to their tablet (whether it is stolen, misplaced, destroyed, or affected by some other unfortunate event) the information is still available from the server. While the consultant still has to physically go back to the site for a review, the report has a new, much safer, electronic way of travel. And as far as client perception: Gibson consultants are on it!

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