About SAI Systems Technologies:
SAI Systems Technologies is an innovative healthcare solutions provider. They came to us with the idea of building a turnkey solution to manage the use of scrubs, lab coats, and other surgical attire in hospitals and clinics, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

In many cases healthcare providers carry the cost of an extensive supply of hospital wear to be picked up and used by authorized staff and vendors as they arrive for work. Other facilities get them from an outside source, which will deliver, pick up, and clean any items rented. In either case there is a presumed understanding that the scrubs will be returned at the end of a shift for laundering, and within a time period mandated by health code regulations. Imagine what may linger on stained lab coats and scrubs!

The problem with this honor system, is that there is really no way of knowing who picked up what, what size, when it was picked up, when or if it was returned to be laundered, and whether everyone picked up a clean pair according to code. This somewhat hodge-podge distribution and collection method, besides being an accountability nightmare, not only causes hospitals to incur loss-of-inventory or rental replacement costs, but even more importantly they run the risk of violating health codes.

We were able to implement SAI’s goals and ideas into their scrubTrax concept. scrubTrax is a simple automated check-out and check-in system created with a little help from FileMaker Go on the backend, and everyone’s favorite –the iPad–on the front end, the creation of a FileMaker GO Kiosk.

The FileMaker GO Kiosk consists of an Apple iPad that is physically integrated and locked into an easily accessible small stand that is placed at the same location where the medical attire is stored and returned – for some facilities eliminating the need for bulky scrub vending machines! All users have the option of manually typing in their assigned user ID and PIN number or scanning their personal ID badge. Because in many cases the tops and bottoms of scrubs needed are different sizes, each individual piece of clothing is labeled with a tag that is in turn scanned both at the time of pick-up and again on return.

In a nut shell, chaos is now under control thanks to our FileMaker inventory software! In major university medical centers, including the one at the University of Kansas, those who ‘borrow’ the scrubs have a sense of accountability, and are more likely to return all items on time. For smaller clinics, scrubTrax provides an affordable option to keep usage in check.

On the administrative side for both large and small facilities, there is now access to accurate inventory counts and overall asset management is enhanced; unnecessary inventory and added rental costs are reduced or eliminated; and compliance reporting for sanitation codes is improved. Another brilliant client idea that led to an awesome solution!

Technologies include FileMaker Server v14 with WebDirect, Apple iPad Minis running FileMakerGo 14 using Infinite Peripherals Infinite Tab M 2D scanner and FMLinea bridge app by Alexey Dubov, 360Works MirrorSync2, all within a custom milled aluminum mounting case.