Excelisys’ Lead Developer Rob Poelking has just authored “RealtyBiz”, a Mobile Property Data Collection demo as a FileMaker Go app for real estate agents that demonstrates what makes an effective FileMaker Go mobile application. The concept for this property data app is that of a real estate agent’s assistant, collecting data (both text and pictures) for various properties. Careful attention was given to the interface, which needed to behave as much like a native iOS app as possible. FMgo presents a few challenges in this area. And although some concessions were made, RealtyBiz proves that you really can have both form and function on the iPad using FMgo.

This demo represents one component of a potentially much larger, shared database solution. While possible to share a FileMaker Pro database over a network with iPad users, a variety of reasons exist to instead distribute mobile databases, such as RealtyBiz, that can regularly sync back with the main system.

Excelisys enjoys the opportunity to give back to the FileMaker developer community by making this demonstration file available unlocked and free of charge. It is, however, provided “as is” for your personal use only; technical support is available only on a fee-based basis. Although the file opens by default with limited access, you may unlock the file using the account name “Admin” (without the quotes) and leaving the password field blank. It is our hope that you learn much from looking “under the hood” and can then apply some or all of what’s here into your own solution(s).’


Have fun & enjoy!