Due to popular demand, Andy Persons has updated and overhauled the FileMaker Pro drag-n-drop demo for use with the FileMaker separation model. This updated FileMaker Pro drag-n-drop demo includes an updated white paper as well.

The demo includes consolidation of several of the ‘Move’ scripts and removal of extraneous ones. We’ve also included a new approach for the ‘Sort’ technique that removes the need for two adjunct TOs. There have also been various smaller enhancements/cleanups.

This file demonstrates how to use event-based scripting features to allow the use of FileMaker drag-and-drop interfaces. It has been updated to demonstrate how to use the technique with the data separation model, as well as streamlining certain elements:

  • The Move tab shows how to allow users to move items from one portal to another by dragging them.
  • The Sort tab showcases the ability to drag items in a portal to any position in the list.
  • The Hierarchy tab demonstrates how users can assign hierarchical items and groups to new parents by dragging and dropping them. This example is built on the “Hierarchical Portals” file, available at the link below.

screen shot of the filemaker pro drag-n-drop demo

2nd screen shot pf the FileMaker Pro drag-n-drop separation model