The eX-BizTracker 4 Goes Public Beta!

The eX-BizTracker 4 is now out for public beta testing, ready for you to put it through its paces! If you were one of the 100,000 plus people who downloaded eX-BizTracker v3.0, you might recall that FileMaker® Pro template or jump-start solution’s attractive GUI and feature set. You might also remember fondly the advantage it gave your company, or if you were a consultant looking for a quick way to get something for  your clients, how easy it was to customize for your distinctive business needs. If you’re new to the Excelisys BizTracker series of FileMaker® Pro templates, you won’t remember any of that, but that’s ok. The point is this:

The eX-BizTracker 4 is the next giant step forward in FileMaker® Pro jump-start solutions!

Taking advantage of the latest innovations in FileMaker® Pro 12, the eX-BizTracker 4 is the most advanced and leanest Excelisys BizTracker yet! It’s like way, WAY easier to use and extend, and it’s more intuitive than ever! And to top it all off, its interface is even slicker.

The eX-BizTracker 4 business tracking program makes it easy to manage a small- or medium-sized business in a cost-effective solution that can be easily modified and extended. Instead of being locked into a software “product” with proprietary code, the eX-BizTracker4 is open and flexible so it can keep up with your business needs and growth over time.

Even those without much FileMaker® Pro knowledge can easily put the eX-BizTracker 4 to work for them. Intermediate level developers will learn some new best practices in design and development, and pick-up new techniques they can use in their own solutions. And seasoned developers will love its clean and trim foundation that’s a pleasure to work with and closely follows the industry-accepted development and naming conventions established by

So…how could we even possibly improve this FileMaker® Pro based jump-start solution?

That’s where you come in…

Guinea pigs with benefits!

Download the public beta version ( and test the eX-BizTracker4, provide us with feedback ( and/or identify some pesky bugs (like as if you’ll find any), and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free copy of the final gold master version when it is released! (Disclaimer: If you like bugs, you’ll probably be disappointed.)

Happy guinea pigging,
Your fine friends at Excelisys