A Wrinkle in Timeliness Pt 2 – Perfecting FileMaker Pro Recursion & Virtualization, by Andy Persons of Excelisys

*This article is part 2 of a 3 part series: part 1, part 3.

Perfecting FileMaker Pro Recursion & Virtualization Part 2 explores the use of recursion and virtualization (through global variables) in solving complex data interconnectivity challenges using FileMaker Pro 12 in a multi-user client-server environment. Using a specific case study of an eXcelisys project/client in the medical manufacturing industry, Andy discusses and demonstrate the dramatic performance benefits that can be gained with the techniques involved.

Have you ever had a FileMaker Pro project where each task depended on other tasks to be completed before it could start? How would you keep track of the projected completion date of the project as various tasks were completed or delayed? What if the project involved hundreds of tasks and tens of thousands of dependencies?

In my previous post, I introduced the challenge: Updating hundreds or thousands of tasks interconnected with tens of thousands of connections. We also took a look at a couple possible solutions, but determined that they were unworkable. In this second installment, we look at an alternate recursive approach and why it is superior to the one we discussed last time. Let’s take a look at this other possibility shall we…

filemaker pro recursion screenshot

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Part 1  Part 3

Andy Persons is a Lead Senior FileMaker Pro Developer with Excelisys:  Andy has been an industry leading FileMaker Pro developer creating FileMaker Pro solutions for over 17 years. In addition to being one of the lead developers of three top-rated and most-downloaded FileMaker Pro solutions of all-time; the FileMaker Business Tracker and the Excelisys eX-BizTracker & eX-BizTracker Pro jump-start solutions, he has shared his incredible and advanced talents by authoring numerous Tips-n-Tricks files and white papers, including Hierarchical Portals, Recursive Calcs, Audit Logs and Drag-and-Drop using FileMaker Pro.

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